Saturday, 24 January 2015

Goodbyes, Transfers and Hellos

Every year there is always an element of players moving clubs, leaving teams and new teams being created before the start of a new season.

Whilst we are sure that there are several ''movements'' that we are currently unaware of, the notable ones are as follows;

Simon & Lewis Fletcher leave Aldeburgh Boules after nearly 9 years association with that team, however they will appear in this years league with their new team along with some familiar faces and new players to the league

Dave & Julie Mark depart Lets Play Boules Playford and join Crown Inn Snape

We also take the opportunity to welcome our new teams to the 2015 season;
  • Rolling Stones Aldeburgh
  • The Exiles Bealings
  • Carlton Crown Wanderers (the Crowns new team)

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