Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Moules & Boules 2014 - Tournament Info

Saturday 26th July at the Jimmy Robinson Piste, Aldeburgh (opposite the White Lion Hotel)

Registration at Control Point from 10.30am onwards

£10 Contribution required from each pair, to go to the White Lions two nominated charities

Tournament commences at 11am

Beer tent and BBQ available from 12 noon, possibly earlier

Two qualifying matches, drawn randomly, each played to 7 ends

26 teams entered, top 16 teams will progress to knock-out format

Knock-out stages also played to 7 ends until semi-final stages

Semi-Final and Grand Final to be played to 13 points

Predicted time of Grand Final, somewhere between 4 to 5pm

Bring your own seating

Saturday, 19 July 2014

England suprema at the Marina!!!

Thursday 17th July 2014 - Shotley Marina

The North Sea Petanque Challenge Match this year saw the KYCN Nieuwpoort club from Belgium arrive at the Shotley Marina, to take on our league team, consisting of 10 pairs in the annual challenge.

Over a total of 4 rounds of games, England won by 8 games to 2, thus retaining the North Sea title for another year and ready defend it again next year, once dates can be arranged back in Belgium. (Each English pair was guaranteed one game against a Belgian pair and then two against fellow English pairs. Only the games that were England v Belgium counted towards the match result)

An after-match buffet was held and all 18 Belgian club members attended, along with 21 Coastal players. Gifts were handed out to all participating players and their club ''captain'' also received one of our special commemorative coins. The best team from each country also received a prize for their efforts.

For the record, our team recorded the following results;

England 1 - Lewis Fletcher (Mill Inn Aldeburgh) & Ginny Jones (Carlton Crown)  3 wins from 3 with +20 shots difference
England 2 - John Pipe (Wheatsheaf Tattingstone) & Ray Booth (Golden Key Snape)  3 wins + 15
England 3 - Martin & Wendy Cooper (Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge)  3 wins +9
England 5 - Mike & Martha Rios-Hall (Bromeswell Boules Club)  2 wins +9 (Points for 24)
England 10 - Ian Bullock (LPB Playford) & Phil Curtis (Christchurch Park)  2 wins +9 (Points for 21)
England 4 - Darryl Jones & Pete Martin (Carlton Crown)  2 wins +3
England 8 - Jeff Short (White Lion Aldeburgh) & Jean Short (Hollesley Shepherd & Dog)  1 win +2
England 9 - Mike & Inger Allum (Bromeswell Boules Club)  1 win -6
England 7 - Pete Sharkey & Gary Siggins (Eels Foot Inn)  1 win -9
England 6 - Bev Wheeler & Nick Ratcliff (Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh)  0 wins -25

Many thanks to John Pipe, all at Shotley Marina and The Shipwreck Inn for their efforts and hospitality.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Moules & Boules 2014 (Saturday 26th July)

FINAL TOURNAMENT LINE-UP as confirmed by the White Lion Hotel on Monday 14th July - 26 teams in total


Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh  - Rob & Bev Wheeler
Golden Key Snape/Wentworth Hotel - Heather Mabey & Rob Steerwood
Bromeswell Boules Club I - Mike & Martha Rios-Hall
Deben Vikings I - Doug & Anne Benger
Deben Vikings II - Stephen & Vedra Dunckley
Dolphin Thorpeness I - Mick & Val Hart
Dolphin Thorpeness II - Fee & Jeff Grist
Dolphin Thorpeness III - Steve Barker & Colette Heerey
Carlton Crown - Darryl Jones & Pete Martin
Cakes & Ale A - Alan Wilmot & Richard Samson
Cakes & Ale B - Geoff Edwards & Tony Grinham
Parrot & Punchbowl I - Mark Adamson & Paddy Rosseau
Eels Foot I - Martin Inglis & Pete Sharkey
Golden Key Snape - Nick Holt & Ray Booth
Parrot & Punchbowl II - Lee & Sandy Belchamber
Eels Foot III - Gary & Jo Siggins
Aldeburgh Town Council
White Lion/Hollesley Shepherd & Dog - Jeff & Jean Short
Eels Foot IV - John Willis & Lily Inglis
Lets Play Boules I - Dave Mark & Ian Bullock
Lets Play Boules II - Julie Mark & Geoff Crank
Bromeswell Boules Club II - Mike & Inger Allum
Eels Foot II - Amy Whitelock & Bailey Inglis
Mill Inn Aldeburgh - Lewis & Donna Fletcher
Parrot & Punchbowl III - Debbi & Ian Tayler
White Lion Aldeburgh - Jill & Reg Brown

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

KYCN Nieuwpoort Belgium - Visiting Us on Thursday 17th July

The 2014 North Sea Challenge Match versus the KYCN Nieuwpoort Belgium, will be held on Thursday 17th July 2014, at the Shotley Marina.


Our League Representative Team is as follows;

Eels Foot I
Eels Foot II
White Lion/Hollesley
Bromeswell Boules Club I
Carlton Crown
Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh
Bromeswell Boules Club II
Lets Play Boules Playford/Christchurch Park
Mill Inn Aldeburgh/Carlton Crown
Wheatsheaf Chaffs/Golden Key Snape

Monday, 26 May 2014

Eels Cup Pairs Tournament - Sunday 10th August 2014

The 3rd annual Eels Cup Pairs Tournament, is due to be held this year on Sunday 10th August 2014, at the Eels Foot Inn, Eastbridge.



Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh I - Rob & Bev Wheeler
Golden Key/Tattingstone - Ray Booth & John Pipe
Beaux Belles Middleton I - Richard & Jenny Turner
Dolphin Thorpeness I - Mick & Val Hart
Dolphin Thorpeness II - Fee & Jeff Grist
Dolphin Thorpeness III - Steve Barker & Colette Heerey
White Lion/Hollesley - Jeff & Jean Short
Parrot & Punchbowl I - Debbi & Ian Tayler
White Lion Aldeburgh I - Jill & Reg Brown
Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh II - Nick Ratcliff + 1
Parrot & Punchbowl II - Paddy Rosseau & Mark Adamson
Saxmundham Boules Club - Judy Chesterfield + 1
White Lion Aldeburgh II - Fiona Foreman & Sally Batten
Beaux Belles Middleton II - Barbara Barker & Steve Lloyd
Railway Inn Framlingham - Derek & Iris Sutton
Bromeswell Boules Club I - Derek & Lynda Simonds
Bromeswell Boules Club II - Mike & Inger Allum
Eels Foot III - Martin & Wendy Cooper
Bromeswell Boules Club III - Pat Clarke & Caroline Goldsmith
Carlton Crown I - Pete Martin & Danny Durnian
Lets Play Boules Playford - Dave & Julie Mark
Framsden Dobermann I - Richard & Christine Schofield
Framsden Dobermann II - Mike & Sue Smith
Framsden Dobermann III - Dave & Chris Whitemore
Bromeswell Boules Club IV - Mike & Martha Rios-Hall
Carlton Crown/Mill Inn Aldeburgh I - Darryl Jones & Lewis Fletcher
Eels Foot IV - John Willis & Jon Swallow
Parrot & Punchbowl III - Lee & Sandy Belchamber
Eels Foot VI - Gary & Jo Siggins
Eels Foot I - Martin Inglis & Pete Sharkey
Eels Foot II - Amy Whitelock & Hilary Ward
Eels Foot V - Bailey & Lily Inglis
Carlton Crown/Mill Inn Aldeburgh II - Ginny Jones & Donna Fletcher
Meadlands Stowmarket - Ian Ward & Dan Cooper (invited as current holders)
Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse -Andy Wilson & Tania Cowlin

Friday, 23 May 2014

Adnams Coastal Petanque League v KYCN Nieuwpoort (Belgium)

Our friends from KYCN are visiting Suffolk during July and therefore the 4th annual North Sea Challenge Match, will be played on Thursday 17th July at Shotley Marina from 6pm onwards.

Open to all Coastal League players, the entry fee for this event will be £15 per pair but includes a free finger-buffet in the on-site Shipwreck Inn and an individual personal memento for each participating player.

As there is a maximum of 8 pistes available, entry to this event will be limited, but you can enter now by forwarding your entry fee to the League Co-Ordinator

Thursday, 22 May 2014

4th Moules & Boules Pairs Tournament - Saturday 26th July 2014

Due to be held on the four pistes at Aldeburgh, (directly in front of the White Lion Hotel), the 4th annual Moules & Boules Pairs Tournament will be on Saturday 26th July.

Entry can only be made via The White Lion itself, so please contact them direct to get your team(s) registered.

There is no actual entry fee to enter but a suggested contribution towards the White Lions nominated charities will be collected from each participating player