Saturday, 27 September 2014

2014 Grand Finals Weekend - Day 1 Results

Saturday 27th September at The Jimmy Robinson Pistes, Aldeburgh

Adnams Cup Final

Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  3  Carlton Crown  1

Adnams Plate Final

Eels Foot Inn II  3  Eels Foot Inn I  1

At Sundays trophy presentations, there will be medals presented to all those that took part in these two matches.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Kettleburgh clinch last Grand Finals spot

An epic struggle ensued earlier this evening as Kettleburgh came from 2 games down, to win a fifth game decider by 13-9 and thus the match by 3 games to 2 over Crown Inn Snape.

Played under the floodlit piste at Meadlands Stowmarket, nearly 3.5 hours of playing saw the Kettleburgh team edge past Snape and now progress to face Eels Foot II in one of Sundays semi-finals.

Sunday, 21 September 2014

2014 Adnams Coastal Petanque League - GRAND FINALS WEEKEND LINE-UP

Both days are at the Jimmy Robinson Pistes, Aldeburgh (opposite the White Lion Hotel) - All spectators welcome, all league players and teams invited.

Please bring your own seating.

Saturday 27th September 2014

Teams to arrive by 2pm, matches to start at 2.30pm

Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  v  Carlton Crown Inn

Eels Foot Inn I  v  Eels Foot Inn II

Sunday 28th September 2014

Teams to arrive by 10.30am, matches to start at 11am

Kettleburgh  v  Eels Foot Inn II
Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  v  Hare & Hounds East Bergholt Sharks


Winner of Match 1  v  Winner of Match 2

Loser of Match 1  v  Loser of Match 2

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Umpire Volunteers required for Grand Finals Weekend

We are requesting that volunteers for umpire duty contact the League Co-Ordinator asap.

There is a need for 3 umpires for Saturday 27th September, from 2pm onwards, to umpire the Adnams Cup and Adnams Plate Finals.

We also require 3 umpires for Sunday 28th September, from 11am onwards, to over-see the Leagues Grand Final Play-Offs.

However, there is some criteria attached;
  • you have to be a current Coastal League player
  • you need to know the rules (always helpful) and understand how they are applied to our specific league set-up
  • you cannot be from a team that is involved in either days activities
If you do contact us, please don't assume that you have been accepted for duty until you receive a response.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Practising at the Jimmy Robinson Pistes, Aldeburgh

As the playing surface is a ''community area'' at the Jimmy Robinson Pistes, Aldeburgh, all the teams that will be involved in either Saturday 27th Septembers Adnams Cup and Adnams Plate Finals and the 4 teams that win through to the Grand Final Play-Offs on Sunday 28th September, are openly invited to practice on the playing surfaces.

Those teams involved in Saturdays and Sundays events will get to play on all 4 pistes, each one plays slightly different, so some knowledge of the playing surface is advisable!!

2014 League Quarter-Final Play-Offs

Quarter Finals (to be played by Thursday 25th September 2014)
*Due to requests, the maximum cut-off date has been amended to 25/9/14, but please note that any evening matches will definitely need to be floodlit)*

Kettleburgh  v  Crown Inn Snape

Bromeswell Boules Club  v  Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge II

Finborough Chestnut Horse  v  Lets Play Boules Playford

Railway Inn Framlingham  v  Hare & Hounds East Bergholt Sharks

Last 16 Play-Off Results So Far

Crown Inn Snape  3  Bressingham Flyers  2
Kettleburgh  3  Kings Head Stutton  1
(Crown Inn now play Kettleburgh)

Bromeswell Boules Club  3  Woodbridge Saxons  1
Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham  2  Eels Foot Inn II  3
(Bromewell Boules Club now play Eels Foot Inn II)

Lets Play Boules Playford  3  The Dicky II East Bergholt  2
Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  4  Hollesley Shepherd & Dog  0
(Lets Play Boules Playford now play Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse)

Hare & Hounds East Bergholt Sharks  3  Aldeburgh Boules  1
Carlton Crown  1  Railway Inn Framlingham  3
(Hare & Hound now play Railway Inn Framlingham)

Remaining Last 16 matches MUST be played by Sunday 14th September 2014