Monday, 29 June 2015

Quarter-Finals for 2015 Adnams Cup and Adnams Plate

Following Sundays results, the Quarter-Finals for the Adnams Cup and Adnams Plate are as follows (first named teams are at home);

Lets Play Boules Playford  v  Carlton Crown Wanderers
Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  v  Stowmarket Oddboules
Crown Inn Snape  v  Bromeswell Boules Club
Rolling Stones Aldeburgh  v  Eels Foot III

Carlton Park Saxmundham  v  Turks Head Hasketon
Sorrel Horse Barham  v  Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham
The Bouligans Shottisham  v  Rumburgh Buck
Eels Foot II  v  Huntingfield Hares

All matches must be completed by Sunday 16th August

Thursday, 25 June 2015

King Raedwald Cup - Sunday 16th August 2015

Following a very fruitful meeting with the National Trust earlier this afternoon, we can confirm that the King Raedwald Cup will take place on Sunday August 16th as part of Sutton Hoos 1930's Living History Weekend.

Our event will take place in the main courtyard near to the Visitors Centre and will be a TEAM EVENT with teams of 4 players (ONLY) being invited to take part. You can play as part of your normal league team or you can join forces with other players to form a foursome.

The day will commence at 11am and finish around 4pm, with yourselves being able to take part in other activities on the site if you so wish ie guided tours, Visitors Centre, other attractions and events.

The number of teams that can enter this event will be limited and although we cannot confirm the cost per player yet, you need to register your initial interest with the League Co-Ordinator as soon as possible, as we already have 5 teams indicating their interest to take part.

Aldeburgh Carnival Pairs Tournament - Saturday 15th August

To date, we have 11 registered pairs, with 3 other pairs registering interest but yet to pay entry fees.

The competition is on Saturday 15th August and is £10 per pair to enter, with your registration fees to be sent to the League Co-Ordinator as soon as possible as there will be an entry limit to this event

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

All Adnams Cup 2nd Round and Adnams Plate 1st Round Matches - Completion MUST be by Sunday 28th June

All the following matches are due to be completed by Sunday 28th June, in accordance with the Leagues Fixture List issued in February.

Adnams Cup 2nd Round

Lets Play Boules Playford  v  Christchurch Park
Carlton Crown Wanderers  v  Framsden Dobermann
Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  v  Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh
Bromeswell Boules Club  v  BT Antares Allstars

Adnams Plate 1st Round

Carlton Park Saxmundham  v  Eels Foot I
Sorrel Horse Barham  v  Aldeburgh Boules
Bressingham  v  Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham
The Bouligans Shottisham  v  Kings Head Stutton
Rumburgh Buck  v  The Exiles Bealings
Golden Key Snape  v  Eels Foot II

Make Cheques Payable To .......

Can you all remember that when entering competitions and events DIRECTLY organised by the League Co-Ordinator on behalf of the league, that you make registration cheques payable to ''Suffolk Coastal Petanque Alliance'' and not the League Co-Ordinator himself.

Have recently had some cheques rejected by the League's Bank as they were made out incorrectly.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Upcoming Events in 2015

For all the events listed below, please email the League Co-Ordinator for more details, including entry criteria, entry fees, registration deadline etc;

Saturday 25th July - Moules & Boules Pairs, Aldeburgh

Saturday 15th August - Aldeburgh Carnival Pairs

Sunday 16th August - King Raedwald Cup (team event of 4 players per team)

Saturday 26th September - Precision Shooting competition at Grand Finals weekend - Qualifying Round

Sunday 27th September - Precision Shooting competition - Final round

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Results from our 4th annual European Trip - Monday 1st May to 4th May 2015

An eventful League trip to Belgium and Holland over the weekend, saw our League up against strong opposition every day versus our respective hosts.

A mixture of matches outdoors and indoors on a variety of surfaces tested the abilities of our group and highlighted where areas of continual improvement is required.

Formal invitations were given to each host club for them to hopefully visit us in the 2016 season and indications are very good that one, if not two teams will actually be in our area next year. Equally we were invited back to play our Belgian and Dutch friends on our own 2016 trip.

Friday 1st May
La Petanque Montoise (Mons, Belgium)  23 wins    Adnams Coastal Petanque League  4 wins
(First two rounds outside, final round inside)

Saturday 2nd May
PC Koksijde (Belgium)  27 wins    Adnams Coastal Petanque League  27 wins
(All 3 Melee rounds inside bouledrome)

Sunday 3rd May
CJB Middelburg (Holland)  29 wins    Adnams Coastal Petanque League  7 wins
(4 rounds, most teams played at least one game inside bouledrome)

Players of the Weekend
1st  John Pipe    5 wins from 10  (+4 shots difference)
2nd  Simon Fletcher    5 from 10  (-7 shots difference)
3rd  Lewis Fletcher    5 from 10  (-9 shots difference)

John Pipe wins Player of the Weekend again (previously won 2013's award). All 3 top players were the only players to win at least one game at each of the three venues.