Monday, 21 April 2014

Adnams Plate 1st Round

The following Adnams Plate First Round matches are to be played by Sunday June 15th.

These are teams who lost in the First Round of the Adnams Cup.

(First named teams are at HOME)

Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge II  v  Hollesley Shepherd & Dog

Loser of Kings Head Stutton v Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh gets BYE to next round

Rumburgh Buck  v  Deben Vikings

Huntingfield Hares gets BYE to next round

Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge I  v  Christchurch Park

Loser of Meadlands Stowmarket v Carlton Park Saxmundham gets BYE to next round

Framsden Dobermann  v  Mill Inn Aldeburgh

Kettleburgh gets BYE to next round

Adnams Cup 2nd Round

The following Adnams Cup 2nd Round matches are to be played by Sunday June 15th.

(First named teams are at HOME)

Bromeswell Boules Club  v  Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham

Kings Head Stutton or Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh  v  Lets Play Boules Playford

Carlton Crown  v  Sorrel Horse Barham

Crown Inn Snape  v  Bramford Cock'N'Boules II

Suivre Les Boules Playford  v  Golden Key Snape

Meadlands Stowmarket or Carlton Park Saxmundham  v  BT Antares Allstars

Bressingham Flyers  v  Bramford Cock'N'Boules I

Dolphin Thorpeness  v  Chestnut Horse Finborough

Adnams Cup 1st Round Matches - Outstanding Matches

As per the Fixture List issued at the start of the season, all matches in the First Round of the Adnams Cup were due to have been played by Sunday 20th April.

To date, neither the League Co-Ordinator nor the Results Officer have received the results from the following matches;

Kings Head Stutton  v  Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh

Meadlands Stowmarket  v  Carlton Park Saxmundham

As the Captains Handbook states that it is the responsibility of both teams to get in touch with their opponents, can teams let us either have the results or details on what contact you've made in attempting to organise the match.

Please remember that certain matches in the next round cannot be played until these results are known.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

2014 Captains Meeting - Friday 7th February

Our annual Captains Meeting will be held on Friday 7th February at the Huntingfield Village Hall (opposite the Huntingfield Arms), from 7.30pm. This will be the fourth time we've held it at Huntingfield and would like to thank them for allowing us to ''invade'' their village once again.

The meeting IS NOT an AGM-style meeting, as we aim to keep the league as informal and sociable as possible.

However we would point out that the meeting is only intended for a teams' captain or their appointed stand-in, so teams do not need to turn up ''mob-handed''. Any decisions made during the evening will stand and if any vote is required on any matter, a one-vote-per-team rule will apply. (For those of you who still get confused, a venue that has two teams will therefore get two votes).

On the evening, we will agree and draw from a hat if necessary, the league groupings. Teams that are located ''out on the limb'' will be allocated a group that attempts to minimise their travelling where possible but bear in mind, that is determined by which teams enter.

We will also carry out the draw for the First Round of the 2014 Adnams Cup (for the 32 teams that said yes to entering the Cup) and will be providing the pre-drawn knock-out sheet for the Cup, Plate and Play-Off matches format.

Other information available on the evening will include;
  • Belgium/Holland trip 2014
  • KYCN visit to Ipswich/Shotley
  • Moules & Boules Charity Pairs Tournament at Aldeburgh
  • 3rd Eels Cup Pairs Tournament

Friday, 10 January 2014

2014 League Update - Currently 40 Teams Entered

The ''Early Bird'' price for 2014 season has now ended, so between now until the Captains Meeting on Friday 7th February, our league entry fee is now £20 per team for the season.

We currently have 40 teams lined up for our league season and Adnams Cup competitions, so it's a big thank you and welcome to all those that have returned forms and fees already.

Should you need another Application Form, please email the League Co-Ordinator.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

Lewis selected for 2014 England Junior squad

Again, we can report the progress of the Leagues' star junior player, Lewis Fletcher, who attended an England Juniors coaching day two weeks before Christmas, and from the countrys' 28 junior players who attended, he has been subsequently selected in the first 14 players that make up this coming seasons England Junior squad, making this his third season of being involved at England international level.

Lewis capped last season by captaining the England Juniors at the World Championships in France, when the team won 3 out of their 7 matches, including a strength-sapping 2.5 hour knock-out match versus Slovakia, that England eventually won 13-12.

He will now undergo further coaching days as the EPA develops the players ready for more international duty later in the season, which could include the OJM International Invite tournament in Nieuweggin, Holland during Easter, the International Triples in Kayl, Luxembourg usually in July and possible selection into the England Junior team to compete at the 2014 European Junior Championships due to be held in Bassens, France in early November.

Good luck and fingers crossed....

Adnams Coastal Petanque League - European Trip Part III - 2014

As has now become tradition, our League departs during the early part of May, bound for Belgium and as of last season, Holland as well, in our annual European Tour.

From Friday 2nd May until either Monday 5th (or Tuesday 6th) May, we will hopefully travel through the Channel Tunnel to our base in Middelkerke, on the Belgian coast. From there we will visit two, three or maybe possibly four separate venues over the trip for matches against Belgian and Dutch opposition. (It is also being investigated as to whether a match on French soil can be included).

We should be in a position to provide costings shortly but don't expect them to be much different than in previous years.

If you'd like to seriously be considered in coming on this trip, please contact the League Co-Ordinator as soon as possible, as we need to confirm with the bus hire company, Eurotunnel, the hotel and our various hosts as to the number of people expected.

You may decide to travel by your own methods but you will still need to pay me for the hotel and a contribution towards the cost of gifts for our hosts. If travelling with the League Co-Ordinator, we will be planning to take either a 9-seater people carrier, or if numbers require, a 17-seater mini-bus. If more numbers confirm, then we will arrange a small coach with a designated driver.