Saturday, 6 February 2016

2016 Registration Now Closed

Registration for our 2016 season has now closed and we have 49 teams registered for the new season.

This means that we will have 10 divisions this season, 9 with 5 teams each and 1 division of 4 teams.

Our Captains Meeting is scheduled for Friday 12th February at the Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew.

Sunday, 10 January 2016


Just confirmed that this seasons Captains Meeting will be held as follows;

Friday 12th February 2016 at the Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew, IP17 1LL

Start at 7.45pm (please arrive from say 7.15pm onwards)

Finish approximately 9.30pm/10pm

Each team is invited to send ONE representative only and that any team that does not send a representative is to accept any decisions made by the assembled Captains on the night.

If there is any matter that needs to be voted upon, then each team is limited to ONE vote per team.

If you are a venue that has say 3 separate teams, they can send 3 people in total, ie one to represent each team. This would currently affect Bramford Cock, Railway Framlingham, Eels Foot Eastbridge and Westleton.

Saturday, 2 January 2016

First Event of 2016 - Aldeburgh are Unofficial World Champions believe it or not!!!!

Fifteen triples battled out the ''Boules Rimet Trophy'' at the Parrot & Punchbowl earlier today, ushering in the new 2016 season with a friendly natured and well contested tournament, run by Jeff Short of the White Lion Aldeburgh.

Triples had to nominate a country they were representing and the event saw Japan, Honduras, Colombia, Canada, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Tuvalu, Central African Republic, Ghana, Barbados, Ireland amongst others take part.

It was a straight knockout competition but each triple had nine boules each. The first round was played to seven points, quarter-finals to 9, semi-finals to 11 and the World Final played to 13 points.

Despite the iffy weather and a short opening ceremony, the competition got underway. The match between Japan and Estonia was completed in four ends and following a 7-1 defeat, one of the Japanese players was immediately transferred to Barbados to make up the third player in their team.

The semi-finals saw Jamaica defeat New Zealand whilst over on the other piste Turkmenistan lost heavily to the newly proclaimed independent state of the  ''Peoples Republic of Aldeburgh Town'', consisting of Bev & Rob Wheeler and Jeff Short.

A long final saw PRAT go to a 6-0 lead, only for Jamaica to peg things back to 6-6, then gradullay Jamaica pulled into a 12-8 lead but some needed good pointing saw Aldeburgh come from behind and win the final 13-12.

The Boules Rimet Trophy was handed over with Bev subsequently doing a random lap of honour around the beer garden, whilst being doused in champagne by the Jamaican trio (the Rolling Stones team from Aldeburgh in disguise).

A good fun way to kick-off 2016. Thanks to Jeff for organising and Sheila and staff at the Parrot for being such good hosts as always.

Friday, 1 January 2016

Adnams Coastal Petanque League versus Nottingham/Mercia - Saturday 18th June 2016

Further to discussions earlier this year and the announcement at the 2015 Grand Finals Day, we are excited to announce that we have arranged a challenge match versus Nottingham City Petanque Club and possible other members of the newly formed Mercia Petanque Association on Saturday 18th June 2016.

This date has been selected to avoid any clashes with the England football teams fixtures at Euro 2016 (so you don't need to go scurrying for your diaries!!).

Those of you that indicated your initial interest at Grand Finals Day will be contacted shortly, as you will be given first option on taking part.

The cost to play will be £5 per person but you'll need to make your own way up to the pistes at Nottingham.

At present we haven't decided upon the total number of players that can take part, but we'd expected around 20 to 24 players per team.

Monday, 28 December 2015

Registration for 2016 season nearly complete - DEADLINE ON 31st JANUARY 2016

Whilst you are clearing away the Christmas tree and getting prepared for welcoming in the New Year, please remember that registration for our 2016 season ends on 31st January 2016.

So far we have FORTY FIVE teams entered, with the full THIRTY TWO teams taking the Cup options, so there are no Cup places left.

Registration Forms are available from the League Co-Ordinator, please request one via email.

The cost to enter will be £20 per team until the deadline date.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Voting on New Divisional Names for 2016

As we are likely to be moving towards 9 or 10 divisions next season, thereby up to 2 more than we currently have, we'd like to offer those that actually visit and read this website the chance to vote on the new divisional names that we use.

In keeping with our sponsorship by Adnams of Southwold, the new divisions will also be named after Adnams products and therefore a shortlist of 6 names has been drawn up for you to choose from.


Barley Mow
Copper House
Sole Star

Please indicate your 1st choice and a 2nd choice and we will go with the majority decision. You can only vote the one time by commenting on this post. Any other means of sending me your votes will be disregarded, including emails and texts. (A good test as to who exactly reads the stuff I put on here!!)

One other stipulation, you must be a Coastal player to be eligible to vote and need to put your real name to your vote.

Any inappropriate suggestions or answers will be deleted.

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like....Fifty!!

With a flurry of recent Registration activity, our league membership for the 2016 season is looking like it could be approaching the 50 team mark.

We currently have 39 teams formally registered with 3 registrations ''in the post'', whilst awaiting 5 teams from last season to re-register and we have also been in touch with around a dozen other contacts that may produce a new team/venue for 2016.

Entry to the Knock Out Cup (limited to the first 32 teams that take that option up) is almost full and is likely to have it's full 32 team line-up finalised within the next few days.

If you know of anywhere else that would be interested in starting a team up and/or entering our league, then please let me know as soon as possible.