Monday, 1 September 2014

Part One of our Great 2014 Grand Finals Weekend

The first day of our Grand Finals weekend extravagazana, Saturday 27th September, will see both the Adnams Cup and Adnams Plate Finals being contested, at the Jimmy Robinson Pistes, Aldeburgh, with a start time of 2pm.

In the Adnams Cup, we have the Carlton Crown taking on Finborough Chestnut Horse.

Meanwhile the Plate Final, sees an intriguing line-up when the Eels Foot Inn I Eastbridge take on their ''team-mates'' Eels Foot Inn II Eastbridge.

All spectators are welcome, just bring your own seating.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

2014 Play-Off Draw - NOW VERIFIED


All matches MUST be played by Sunday September 14th and MUST be played on ENTIRELY neutral venues

Kettleburgh (Seed 1)  v  Kings Head Stutton (Seed 16)
Finborough Chestnut Horse (Seed 2)  v  Hollesley Shepherd & Dog (Seed 15)
Carlton Crown (Seed 3)  v  Railway Inn Framlingham (Seed 14)
Bromeswell Boules Club (Seed 4)  v  Woodbridge Saxons (Seed 13)
Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham (Seed 5)  v  Eels Foot Inn II (Seed 12)
Hare & Hounds East Bergholt Sharks (Seed 6)  v  Aldeburgh Boules (Seed 11)
Lets Play Boules Playford (Seed 7)  v  The Dicky II East Bergholt (Seed 10)
Crown Inn Snape (Seed 8)  v  Bressingham Flyers (Seed 9)

2014 Divisional Qualifiers

Play-Off teams for 2014 as follows;

Winners - Lets Play Boules Playford
Runners-Up - Hollesley Shepherd & Dog

Winners - Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham
Runners-Up - Aldeburgh Boules

Winners - Hare & Hounds East Bergholt Sharks
Runners-Up - The Dicky II East Bergholt

Winners - Bromeswell Boules Club
Runners-Up - Woodbridge Saxons

Winners - Carlton Crown
Runners-Up - Bressingham Flyers

Winners - Crown Inn Snape
Runners-Up - Eels Foot Eastbridge II

Winners - Finborough Chestnut Horse
Runners-Up - Kings Head Stutton

Tally Ho
Winners - Kettleburgh
Runners-Up - Railway Inn Framlingham

Saturday, 30 August 2014

New Piste @ Martlesham - Grand Opening

Saturday 6th September 2014

Martlesham Recreation Ground, old Woodbridge Road (near to Martlesham Red Lion)

Grand Opening at 2.30pm, please arrive for around 2/2.15pm

Everyone is welcome to come along and help out with a ''Learn To Play'' event, to officially open this newly built piste.

The local community has been invited and the local press will be in attendance.

2014 Play-Off Format

The format for the play-off seedings is as follows;

All Divisional Winners will be seeded from Seed 1 to Seed 8. This is done by dividing the number of league points won by the number of league matches played (because some divisions play 8 matches and some play 10 matches). This gives an average points per match ratio and the team with the highest average is Seed 1 and so on.
If teams are equal on this average, then the next deciding factor will be the number of games won minus the number of games lost, this gives a games difference and then also divide it by the number of matches played.

The same system is used for all divisional runners-up, who are then seeded as Seed 9 to Seed 16, with the best runner-up being Seeded 9.

The First Round of the play-offs will then be;

Seed 1 v Seed 16
Seed 2 v Seed 15
Seed 3 v Seed 14
Seed 4 v Seed 13
Seed 5 v Seed 12
Seed 6 v Seed 11
Seed 7 v Seed 10
Seed 8 v Seed 9

Please click on the League Results link and follow it to the Play-Off tree, to then see the ''Pre-Draw'' and who plays who in following rounds. Remember ALL play-off matches have to be played on ENTIRELY neutral pistes.

*Note - Due to the seeding process, you may play a team from your own division during the play-off stages.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Arrangements for Remaining Results

With this evening, Saturday and Sunday being the last 3 days you can get your league matches played by, here are the arrangements for teams to get their results to the League Co-Ordinator and League Results Officers.

On a separate email you will be issued with a phone number that you can text your match result to. You will also still be required to get your match result scanned and emailed to the League Results Officer by Sunday evening, so that final league tables can be compiled and the Play-Off seedings finalised

Monday, 25 August 2014

Lewis Fletcher - England Junior International update

As part of Lewis' on-going involvement with the England Juniors, he and 5 other selected players are venturing out this week on Wednesday 27th August, to Slovakia, for the International Youth Petanque Camp 2014 at Kocovce, returning back to the UK on Sunday 31st.

Other countries attending this 3-day training camp are Slovakia, Austria, Germany and Hungary and it will be an intensive few days of high level coaching with some of the worlds top coaches. On the final day of the camp, there will be the opportunity to either attend a local tournament in the capital, Bratislava, or an in-house competition between the attending nations, with precision shooting also on the agenda.

This is the final event the England Juniors squad are taking part in before our coaches make the selection of the 4-player team for the European Championships, due to be held in France in November.