Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Visiting Australian players

Next week we welcome some new friends from 'Down Under' to Suffolk, who play at the Capital Petanque Club in Canberra.

They are looking to play some games whilst they are in the country and as they will be visiting relatives in Bramford, the Cock Inn was the obvious choice of venue.

Therefore we are looking for a few willing volunteers who could play either Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday next week. The opportunity has been offered to the Bramford Cock'N'Boules players first, as they are effectively the host team, but we have stated that if they aren't available, other people will be given the chance to play against our visitors from Australia.

If you are interested, please let us know.

2012 Grand Finals Day - THE BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

Our fifth Grand Finals Day, (yep, Coastal Boule V), will be held on Sunday 14th October at the Badingham White Horse Inn.

Located at Low Street, Badingham, IP13 8JR, the White Horse Inn will see our four best teams of the season battling it out for the 2012 Adnams Coastal Petanque League title.

All other details will be issued seperately to league members via e-mail.

If we don't currently have your e-mail address, please let us know and we will add you to the mailing list.

Eels Cup 2012 - Results

Sunday 26th August at The Eels Foot Inn, Eastbridge, 24 pairs competed for around 7 hours, culminating in 3 seperate finals for the Main, Plate and Consolage competitions.

Many thanks to everyone that took part and especially to the Eels Foot and their team members for making everyone welcome in what is sure to become an annual fixture on the playing calendar.



Ian Bullock & Dave Mark (Lets Play Boules Playford) beat Simon & Lewis Fletcher (Mill Inn Aldeburgh) by 13-10


Chris & Jackie Johnson (Hoxne Swan) beat Darryl Jones & Alan Sturman (3 Horseshoes North Cove) by 13-9


Nick Ratcliff & Bev Wheeler (Mill Inn Aldeburgh) beat Jean & Alan Hatt (Eels Foot Inn) by 13-12


Awarded to Jean & Alan Hatt (Eels Foot Inn) for being the first team to lose 13-0 in the tournament

Revised Play-Off Date Completions

Due to various reasons, as well as the date of the Grand Finals themselves being altered, everyone now has slightly longer to get their play-off matches completed by.

Wild Card matches (ie Seeds 15, 16, 17 & 18) can now be completed by 9th September at the latest

ALL Last 16 matches can now be completed by 23rd September at the latest

ALL Last 8 matches (ie Quarter Finals) can now be completed by 7th October at the latest

The Grand Finals Day has now been re-arranged for Sunday 14th October - Please see our other News Item for the full details

2nd Tattingstone Wheatsheaf Pairs Tournament

The Tattingstone Wheatsheaf invite you to the following tournament;

Saturday 1st September
Everyone welcome, all monies raised will go to charity
Start at 1pm, with a BBQ at around 3-4pm
More details from airavatacarroll@yahoo.co.uk

Saxmundham Boule Jubilee Cup

Jennie and her newly formed Saxmundham Boules Club invite you to the following tournament;

Saturday 1st September
@ Saxmundham Sports Club, Carlton Park
Starts at 2pm, All are welcome with 2 to 3 in a team
£2 Entry Fee per player
Tea & cake provided
Names and entry fees to Jennie Pink on 01728 604340

Sunday, 19 August 2012

2012 Play-Offs

Cotton Trowel & Hammer v Kettleburgh or The Dicky I

La Tete Du Turc Hasketon v The Exiles Bealings or Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham

Three Horseshoes North Cove v Bramford Cock’N’Boules II

Crown Inn Snape v Golden Key Snape

Meadlands Stowmarket v Lets Play Boules Playford

The Dicky II v Bressingham

Mill Inn Aldeburgh II v Bell Inn Walberswick

Suivre Les Boules Playford v Railway Inn Framlingham

Our 2012 Play-Off Contenders

All the results are in and we now know the 18 teams that have qualified for our 2012 Play-Off stages.

Division by division (with divisional winners named first, divisional runners up named second), they are;

Broadside - La Tete Du Turc Hasketon AND Bramford Cock'N'Boules II
Explorer - Cotton Trowel & Hammer AND Bressingham
Ghostship - Mill Inn Aldeburgh II AND Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham
Gunhill - The Dicky East Bergholt II AND The Dicky East Bergholt I
Lighthouse - Suivre Les Boules Playford AND The Exiles Bealings
Oyster - Crown Inn Snape AND Golden Key Snape
Southwold Bitter - Three Horseshoes North Cove & Bell Inn Walberswick
Spindrift - Meadlands Stowmarket AND Lets Play Boules Playford
Tally Ho - Railway Inn Framlingham AND Kettleburgh

Congratulations to these teams and keep watching your e-mails & this website for the play-off matches, due to be announced within the next two hours.

Commiserations to all those that didn't qualify, especially those that lost out on the last day of matches due to their results and results elsewhere.

Last Day Results - Sunday 19th August

Explorer Division
Laxfield B  1  Cotton Trowel & Hammer  3

Ghostship Division
Mill Inn Aldeburgh II  2  Mill Inn Aldeburgh I  2
Dolphin Thorpeness  2  Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham  2

Gunhill Division
The Dicky II  4  Monarchs Bonce Stutton  0

Lighthouse Division
The Exiles Bealings  2  Woodbridge Saxons  2

Oyster Division
Beaux Belles Middleton  1  BT Antares Allstars  3
Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge  2  Crown Inn Snape  2

Southwold Bitter Division
Huntingfield Hares  2  Poacher Cratfield  2

Spindrift Division
Christchurch Park Round Ponders  1  Lets Play Boules Playford  3

Tally Ho Division
Railway Inn Framlingham  2  Kettleburgh  2

Saturday, 18 August 2012

More Results Received (Prior To Last Day Climax!!)

Broadside Division
La Tete Du Turc Hasketon v Greyhound Pettistree II  -  HOME WIN
Greyhound Pettistree I v Turks Head Hasketon - HOME WIN
Turks Head Hasketon v Greyhound Pettistree II - VOID MATCH

Explorer Division
Bressingham v Laxfield A - HOME WIN

Gunhill Division
The Dicky East Bergholt I  2  Hare & Hounds East Bergholt  2

Southwold Bitter Division
Poacher Cratfield  1  Bell Inn Walberswick  3

Spindrift Division
Deben Vikings  2  Meadlands Stowmarket  2

Earlier in the week, we received an e-mail saying that The Dicky I had beaten Monarchs Bonce Stutton 3-1 and this has been recorded on the league tables.
Subsequently, on the phone number set up for receiving texted match scores, we received a message that it was actually 4-0.
As no scorecard has arrived yet, we await both teams confirmation

Thursday, 16 August 2012


By the evening of Sunday 19th August, we will require all your remaining scanned copies of scorecards, any posted ones need to be have been received by Saturdays post and of course, your text containing your Sunday match result.

By around 11pm on Sunday, we will release the Play-Off line-up, so all information needs to have been received by then.

Monday, 13 August 2012

Results from Last Week of League Programme

Broadside Division
Bramford Cock'N'Boules II  2  La Tete Du Turc Hasketon  2

Gunhill Division
The Dicky I  3  Monarchs Bonce Stutton  1
Wheatsheaf Tattingstone Chaffs  1  The Dicky I  3
Wheatsheaf Tattingstone Stooks  1  Hare & Hounds East Bergholt  3
Monarchs Bonce Stutton  2  Wheatsheaf Tattingstone Chaffs  2

Lighthouse Division
Suivre Les Boules Playford  3  Hollesley Shepherd & Dog  1

Spindrift Division
Christchurch Park Mansioneers  1  Meadlands Stowmarket  3

Friday, 10 August 2012

Eels Cup 2012 - UPDATE

The Eels Cup Pairs Tournament - Sunday 26th August

We now have 19 teams registered for this competiton, with the registration fee being £5 per pair, and the entry deadline is approaching fast.

There is scope for a few more entries but these are going fast as this event is just over 2 weeks away.

Start time will be 11am and we aim to finish around 4 - 5pm. A local boule supplier will be in attendance with their trade stand, giving everyone the opportunity to ''stock up'' on petanque merchandise.

This event however, is only available for current or previous Coastal League players to enter.

More Results - 5th to 10th August

Broadside Division
Bramford Cock'N'Boules II  2  La Tete Du Turc Hasketon  2

Explorer Division
Laxfield B  1  Laxfield A  3

Gunhill Division
The Dicky II  3  Wheatsheaf Tattingstone Stooks  1
The Dicky II  2  Hare & Hounds East Bergholt  2

Lighthouse Division
Suivre Les Boules Playford  2  Martlesham WI  2

Oyster Division
BT Antares Allstars v Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge - FORFEITED BY HOME TEAM

Southwold Bitter Division
Bell Inn Walberswick  3  Huntingfield Hares  1
Poacher Cratfield  0  Three Horseshoes North Cove  4

Spindrift Division
Meadlands Stowmarket  4  Christchurch Park Mansioneers  0

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Carlton Park Boules - Looking for new members

The Carlton Park Boules team are looking for new members to join them at their new piste at Saxmundham Sports Club.

Starting on Thursday 2nd August, and continuing on the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th August, from 6pm onwards, all are welcome to join in at the piste just to the right hand side of the tennis courts.

Dependent on the numbers involved, friendly matches will be arranged soon.

For more details call 01728 604340

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Results - Sunday 5th August

Lighthouse Division
Martlesham WI  1  Suivre Les Boules Playford  3

Oyster Division
Golden Key Snape  4  Beaux Belles Middleton  0

Southwold Bitter Division
Poacher Cratfield v Three Horseshoes North Cove

Spindrift Division
Bramford Cock'N'Boules I  3  Lets Play Boules Playford  1

Tally Ho Division
Kettleburgh  3  Brandeston  1

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Eels Cup 2012

The invites have been sent out for this competition in the last two weeks and to date we have 17 teams entered for Sunday 26th August, at the Eels Foot Inn, Eastbridge.

The competition is deemed a ''Closed Event'' in that only Adnams Coastal Petanque League players may enter, at a cost of £5 per pair, with the format of play to be determined nearer the date.

We also have local petanque equipment stockists, Phil and Marion from Pen-Y-Coed Petanque, due to be in attendance with their stand, offering a great range of boules and associated items, along with advice and guidance for those of you looking for that early Christmas present of new boules etc!!

There is still time to enter the Eels Cup competition, but your registration fee needs to be forwarded to the League Co-Ordinator asap.

All cheques/Postal Orders MUST be made payable to ''Suffolk Coastal Petanque Alliance''

Second England call-up for Lewis

Following his successful England debut in Luxembourg last month, our English Petanque Association have again selected Lewis as part of a 4-player team to compete in the Rabasa Alicante International Youth tournament in Spain during October.

He will be partnered by his team-mates Jamie Blyton from Northern Region and Monty Quaia from London Region but also added to the team is Harry Waldie from Eastern Region. This event is limited to 16 invited national teams, many of whom competed in the Luxembourg tournament but are also supplemented by other national teams from Spain, Denmark, Sweden etc.

This event will be only a few weeks after Lewis has competed as part of the Anglia Regional Junior team at the Inter-Regional Championships, being held at Hayling Island, near Portsmouth during mid-September.

Remaining Matches - 2012 Season

We are now just 3 Sundays away from everyone completing their fixtures and the Play-Off qualifiers and seeded draw being announced.

As an aid to all those that follow all results in all divisions, here are the remaining matches as follows;

Broadside (4 matches to play, one date unknown, one match 9th Aug, two matches 19th Aug)
Explorer (4 matches to play, one date unknown, one match 12th Aug, two matches 19th Aug)
Ghostship (2 matches to play on 19th Aug)
Gunhill (8 matches to play, two dates unknown, one result awaited from 29th July, one match 8th Aug, two matches 12th Aug, one match 19th Aug)
Lighthouse (4 matches to play, one date unknown, one match 5th Aug, two matches 19th Aug)
Oyster (4 matches to play, one date unknown, one match 5th Aug, two matches 19th Aug)
Southwold Bitter (4 matches to play, two dates unknown, one match 5th Aug, one match 19th Aug)
Spindrift (5 matches to play, two dates unknown, one match 9th Aug, two matches 19th Aug)
Tally Ho (3 matches to play, one match 5th Aug, two matches 19th Aug)

As you can see, there are still 38 matches to be played of which 10 re-arranged dates we are unaware of and also 16 matches due to be played on the very last day of the league season!!