Friday, 29 October 2010

And Then There Was 20

Received in this weeks post was 2010 Silver Medalists, Suivre les Boules Playford's Early Bird registration form for the 2011 season.

Also received was The Dicky 1 (formerly The Royal Oak East Bergholt) and The Dicky 2 (formerly The Dicky East Bergholt)

We now have 20 teams already registered for next year, meaning that there will be at the very least, a minimum of 4 divisions.

Remember 'Early Bird' Registration is still available till 30th November 2010 at just £10 per team for the entire season.

Friday, 15 October 2010

Plenty of Notice........No Arguments

Having not sat down since the 2010 Grand Finals, and that the 2011 season won't organise itself, I've been attempting to work out how next seasons calendar will work out.

Due to the fact that we should end up with even more teams than the 2010 season, it will be likely that we see 16 teams qualify for play-offs, having a Last 16 Round reducing the number to 8 teams and then a Last 8 Round reducing the number down to 4 teams for the Grand Finals itself.

As these play-offs are likely to need the bulk of September to get played, we would be looking at having the Grand Finals on Sunday 2nd October 2011. This will also mean that we need to get started a few weeks earlier and therefore if we aim to have the season start on Sunday 6th March 2011, teams will have 27 weeks to get their group fixtures completed (this being 3 weeks more than the 2010 season and will hopefully(?) prevent 'cramming' of matches into the last few weeks).

So there you have it, 20 weeks notice till the Leagues starting weekend on Sunday 6th March 2011.............more than enough time for you all to get sorted!!

Four More Join 2011 League

Post in my household the last few days has been hectic to say the least, and we can now add the following to the growing list of teams already 'paid up' for the 2011 season.

Christchurch Park Boules Club, Ipswich
Three Horseshoes North Cove
Beaux Belles Middleton
Woodbridge Town PC

This puts our numbers to 17 teams so far. Remember the 'Early Bird Registration Scheme' has been extended until 30th November 2010.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Christchurch Park Boules Club officially formed

Having received more individual players membership fees today, the Christchurch Park Boules Club, based in Ipswich, was officially born.

We now have 7 paid-up players thereby exceeding the minimum number of players required to form a team and they will look forward to next seasons fixtures against teams in and around the Ipswich 'zone'.

There are still 9 places available within the club, because if we can get a total of 16, then this new club will be in a position to enter two teams instead.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Discounted Registration Fee period extended

Due to the success of the ''Early Bird'' Registration Scheme and that many teams were not able to get to the Grand Finals two weeks ago, it has been decided to extend the discounted registration fee period until the end of November.

Therefore any team (existing or new) has the opportunity to register for our 2011 season by the 30th November, for the sum of just £10 per team.

Please contact us for a registration form asap.