Tuesday, 31 August 2010

The Announcement Of The Season

Sunday September 26th is Grand Final Play-Offs Day to be held at.....

The White Hart, Blythburgh

We would require Grand Finalist teams to arrive by 11.30am, ready to commence semi-finals by 11.45am.

Dependent upon how these matches go time wise, the 3rd/4th Place Play-Off and the Grand Final itself could start at 1.30pm at the earliest.

This would then mean that the End of Season Presentations will be held around 3.45pm - 4.15pm, with us being completely finished around 5pm, subject to anyone else fancying playing on the piste following the main attractions.

Please bring your own seating as the picnic table seating is located a little away from the playing area itself.


Despite this season supposedly being the turn of the 'Southern' area to host the event, we did not manage to find a suitably large enough venue to cater for all of the criteria we require. Therefore The White Hart was selected, also in an effort to show Blythburgh what our league is about and hopefully generate interest there enough for them to put together a team for the new season.

Monday, 30 August 2010

2010 Grand Finals Day venue to be announced

With baited breath, everyone is awaiting the news on the venue for this years 2010 Grand Finals Play-Offs, due to be held on Sunday 26th September

We can now reveal that the venue will be announced on the 31st August and the only place to find out this information first-hand will be this site.

First point of the season

A tremondous effort away at unbeaten Orwell Division leaders, Suivre Les Boules Playford, saw the Turks Head Hasketon finally gain their first league point of the season with a 2-2 draw.

This was the Turks Heads' ninth match of the season and, to be fair, was probably not the scoreline most people would have expected, but once again the formbook was turned on its head and the Turks Head fully deserve the praise for becoming our final team to earn a league point in the 2010 season.

This result also means that Suivre Les Boules Playford now have a last-day winner-takes-all match at Henley Cricketers, with the victor winning the Orwell Divisional title.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Results - Sunday 29th/Monday 30th August

Waveney Division
Laxfield B 1 Three Horseshoes North Cove 3

Orwell Division
Turks Head Hasketon 0 Deben Vikings 4
Suivre Les Boules Playford 2 Turks Head Hasketon 2 (Played 30th Aug)

Stour Division
Wheatsheaf Tattingstone Wonders 2 Brantham Bull 2

Saturday, 28 August 2010

2010 Divisional Winners so far

Waveney Division - Three Horseshoes North Cove

Blyth Division - ?

Deben Division - Golden Key Snape

Orwell Division - ?

Gipping Division - Ipswich PC'09

Stour Division - The Dicky East Bergholt

'BellWatch' continued....

The Bell Inn Walberswick, only a few weeks ago, were way behind schedule for a variety of reasons, but nonetheless made a commitment to the league to get their matches completed by the September 5th deadline.

On Wednesday 25th August, they entertained Wenhaston Star Two and gained a 3-1 home victory, thereby completing all their 5 home matches, all being 3-1 scorelines. This latest win has seen them move to the top of the Blyth Division, by just one point ahead of Hoxne Swan PC.

The Bell just have Cretingham Belles away and on the cut-off day, the potential divisional 'decider' away at Hoxne themselves.

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Results Sunday August 22nd

Waveney Division
Cretingham Bell 3 Poacher Cratfield 1
3 Horseshoes North Cove 2 Laxfield A 2
3 Horseshoes North Cove 4 Laxfield Lovelies 0

Blyth Division
Hoxne Swan PC 2 Cretingham Belles 2

Deben Division
Greyhound Pettistree 1 Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham 3
Dolphin Thorpeness 0 Golden Key Snape 4

Orwell Division
Martlesham WI 1 Henley Cricketers 3
Suivres Les Boules Playford 3 Ye Olde Coach & Horses Melton 1

Gipping Division
The Exiles Bealings 4 Hollesley Shepherd & Dog 0

Stour Division
Royal Oak East Bergholt 0 The Dicky East Bergholt 4
Wheatsheaf Tattingstone Chaffs 2 Wheatsheaf Tattingstone Wonders 2

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Unbeaten teams suffer over last two weeks

The current seedings have been completely turned upside down with results in recent weeks with previously unbeaten teams on the end of losing scorelines.

Firstly we had The Dicky East Bergholt losing away at Tattingstone Wheatsheaf against the Chaffs. Friday August 20th saw Hoxne Swan PC lose 3-1 away at The Bell Inn Walberswick, who had themselves lost last week away at Sunset Boulevards (Diss) by the same scoreline.

Then we had the Mill Inn Aldeburgh losing by 4-0 in Saturday mornings match away at The Golden Key Snape.

Now on Sunday we have the Royal Oak losing their in-house derby by 4-0 to The Dicky.

So five sides that hadn't lost up to two weeks ago, now have a '1' in the loss column, leaving only 3 teams out of 36 who are still unbeaten.....but then again we still have two more weeks to go!!!!!!

Friday, 20 August 2010

This Weeks Results

Blyth Division
Bell Inn Walberswick 3 Sunset Boulevards (Diss) 1
Bell Inn Walberswick 3 Hoxne Swan PC 1

Deben Division
Golden Key Snape 4 Mill Inn Aldeburgh 0

Gipping Division
Bramford Cock'N'Boules 3 The Exiles Bealings 1

Bell Watch - Part Two

The Bell Inn, Walberswick are catching up fast...

Having a 3-1 victory over Wenhaston Star, they then had a 3-1 loss at Sunset Boulevards (Diss), but then in the return fixture this week, reversed that scoreline and beat the Diss team 3-1 and moved to within one point of Diss in the league table, with two matches in hand.

Last night (Friday 20th August) should have seen them at home to Hoxne Swan PC then on Sunday 22nd, at home to Wenhaston Star One.

Monday, 16 August 2010

Unbeaten Dicky slip at Wheatsheaf Tattingstone

Previously unbeaten The Dicky from East Bergholt (6 wins and 1 draw) made the short journey over to Tattingstone Wheatsheaf to take on the Chaffs. The Wheatsheaf Chaffs had already got a victory in the week with a Thursday night victory over their Wheatsheaf colleagues, The Stooks, and have been moving up the table recently.

The Dicky meanwhile had not lost during the season and were currently sitting as Seed 2 in the current rankings table but a 3-1 triumph for the Chaffs sees the Dicky drop to Seed 5 whilst slightly improving the chances The Chaffs could even possibly sneak runners-up spot in the Stour Division....although the Royal Oak could have a lot to say about that.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Up-To-Date Results

Blyth Division
Sunset Boulevards (Diss) 3 Bell Inn Walberswick 1

Deben Division
Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham 1 Dolphin Thorpeness 3

Gipping Division
Ipswich PC '09 3 Woodbridge Town PC 1

Stour Division
Tattingstone Wheatsheaf Stooks 1 Tattingstone Wheatsheaf Chaffs 3
Brantham Bull 4 Tattingstone Wheatsheaf Stooks 0
Tattingstone Wheatsheaf Chaffs 3 The Dicky East Bergholt 1
Tattingstone Wheatsheaf Wonders 2 Royal Oak East Bergholt 2

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Bell Watch - Part One

The Bell Inn Walberswick started their '5 matches in 12 days' marathon schedule last night with a 3-1 home victory over Wenhaston Star One.

This leaves them in third place behind Hoxne & Sunset Boulevards (Diss) but a lot of matches to go, although these are mainly against the current top two.

Results Newsflash

Blyth Division
Wenhaston Star Two 0 Wenhaston Star One 4
Bell Inn Walberswick 3 Wenhaston Star One 1

Gipping Division
BT Antares Allstars 2 Hollesley Shepherd & Dog 2

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Leisure Boules - Very Special Offer

We have a limited supply of sets of leisure boules as follows;

Set of 6 boules, with 1 coch, 1 measuring device and all enclosed in a clear-fronted zip-up carry case. Each set of 6 boules contains 2 seperate sets of 3 boules apiece with each set of 3 having distinctly differing markings

For the cost of just £9 per 6-boule set.

First come, first served basis.

These are certain to sell fast so let me know asap if you require some sets.

This Weeks Results

Waveney Division
Laxfield B 3 Cretingham Bell 1
Poacher Cratfield 2 Laxfield Ladies 2

Gipping Division
The Exiles Bealings 4 BT Antares Allstars 0

Orwell Division
Henley Cricketers 4 Deben Vikings 0
Martlesham Womens Institute 3 Deben Vikings 1

Monday, 2 August 2010

Ipswich PC'09 scoop Gipping Divisional title

Thanks to two successive 4-0 home victories, firstly over BT Antares Allstars and then on Sunday versus The Exiles Bealings, the Ipswich PC'09 team have secured the 2010 Gipping Division title and with it one of the highly prized quarter-final play-off berths.

It is yet to be known as to whom they may play in these play-offs but by virtue of being divisional winners they will not be any lower than 6th Seed in the knock-out stages.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Boules In The Park 2010 - A Great Success

Sunday July 25th
Christchurch Park, Ipswich

Thanks to the volunteer team, this years Boules In The Park, was a great day. Free to enter, we had 51 new people try the event and 38 persons had more than one 1 hour session, so in total we really had 89 sessions from 10.15am till 4.15pm.

The League was represented by players from Mill Inn Aldeburgh, Henley Cricketers, Deben Vikings, Sunset Boulevards (Diss), Brantham Bull, Woodbridge Town PC & Pettistree Greyhound.

The interest generated has meant that it will be likely that Christchurch Park has its own team for the 2011 season and we have already approached the Council to see if we can make the playing area a permanent piste location.

Matches Sunday 1st August

Laxfield A 4 Poacher Cratfield 0
Laxfield B 2 Poacher Cratfield 2

Ipswich PC '09 4 BT Antares Allstars 0
Ipswich PC ’09 4 The Exiles Bealings 0
Woodbridge Town PC 2 BT Antares Allstars 2

Suivre Les Boules Playford v Turks Head Hasketon
Ye Olde Coach & Horses Melton 3 Henley Cricketers 1

The Dicky East Bergholt 4 Brantham Bull 0