Monday, 28 December 2015

Registration for 2016 season nearly complete - DEADLINE ON 31st JANUARY 2016

Whilst you are clearing away the Christmas tree and getting prepared for welcoming in the New Year, please remember that registration for our 2016 season ends on 31st January 2016.

So far we have FORTY FIVE teams entered, with the full THIRTY TWO teams taking the Cup options, so there are no Cup places left.

Registration Forms are available from the League Co-Ordinator, please request one via email.

The cost to enter will be £20 per team until the deadline date.

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Voting on New Divisional Names for 2016

As we are likely to be moving towards 9 or 10 divisions next season, thereby up to 2 more than we currently have, we'd like to offer those that actually visit and read this website the chance to vote on the new divisional names that we use.

In keeping with our sponsorship by Adnams of Southwold, the new divisions will also be named after Adnams products and therefore a shortlist of 6 names has been drawn up for you to choose from.


Barley Mow
Copper House
Sole Star

Please indicate your 1st choice and a 2nd choice and we will go with the majority decision. You can only vote the one time by commenting on this post. Any other means of sending me your votes will be disregarded, including emails and texts. (A good test as to who exactly reads the stuff I put on here!!)

One other stipulation, you must be a Coastal player to be eligible to vote and need to put your real name to your vote.

Any inappropriate suggestions or answers will be deleted.

Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like....Fifty!!

With a flurry of recent Registration activity, our league membership for the 2016 season is looking like it could be approaching the 50 team mark.

We currently have 39 teams formally registered with 3 registrations ''in the post'', whilst awaiting 5 teams from last season to re-register and we have also been in touch with around a dozen other contacts that may produce a new team/venue for 2016.

Entry to the Knock Out Cup (limited to the first 32 teams that take that option up) is almost full and is likely to have it's full 32 team line-up finalised within the next few days.

If you know of anywhere else that would be interested in starting a team up and/or entering our league, then please let me know as soon as possible.

Christmas Message from the League

To all in the Coastal League, those that have played against us and those that know us, we wish you and all your families a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Hope to see you sometime during the 2016 season.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Registrations for 2016 Season

Registration now closed, with 49 teams registered;

Aldeburgh Boules
Bromeswell Boules Club
Beau Belles Middleton
Bramford Cock I
Bramford Cock II
Bressingham Flyers
BT Antares Allstars
Carlton Colville Crown
Christchurch Park
Cretingham Bell
Crown Inn Snape
Dolphin Thorpeness
Deben Vikings
Eels Foot I
Eels Foot II
Eels Foot III
Eels Foot IV
Eels Foot V
Finborough Chestnut Horse
Framsden Dobermann
Golden Key Snape
GY Rumboulers
Hare & Hounds East Bergholt
Huntingfield Hares
Kings Head Stutton
Leiston Engineers
Lets Play Boules Playford
Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham
Railway Inn Framlingham Locos
Railway Inn Framlingham Shunters
Riverside Stratford St Andrew
Rolling Stones Aldeburgh
Rumburgh Buck
Saxmundham Carlton Park
Shotford Boules Club
Sorrel Horse Barham
Stowmarket Oddboules
Suivre Les Boules Playford
The Bouligans Shottisham
The Exiles Bealings
Turks Head Hasketon
Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh
Westleton I
Westleton II
Wheatsheaf Tattingstone
White Lion Aldeburgh
Woodbridge Saxons
Worlingworth Cricket Club

Monday, 2 November 2015

2016 Belgium/Holland Trip - MAXIMUM OF 6 PLACES LEFT

Due to the huge take-up in people wanting to go on our 5th annual trip to Belgium and Holland, from Friday 29th April to Monday 2nd May 2016, we already have a team of 32 players going and representing your league.

Therefore, based on the amount of space we have left in our hire vehicles, we can only offer a MAXIMUM of 4 more places for this trip.

The cost is £245 per person (with a single room supplement payable if you want a room to yourself!!) and covers your travel cost with us, Channel Tunnel fees, 3 nights B&B at our 3-star hotel in Belgium, your contribution towards a share of the petrol & toll fees and your share of the cost of providing gifts to all our hosts.

Should anyone want to travel separately from us, the cost of the trip reduces to £150 per person and we can take TWO MORE PERSONS in this way but you'd have to make your own way to our various venue locations.

If you want to be part of this trip, please contact the League Co-Ordinator IMMEDIATELY

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

2015 Grand Finals Results

Coastal Championship Final

Kettleburgh  3  Crown Inn Snape  1

Bronze Medal Play-Off

Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  3  Carlton Colville Crown  1

(Semi-Final Results)

Kettleburgh  3  Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  2

Crown Inn Snape  3  Carlton Colville Crown  1

Adnams Knock Out Cup

Stowmarket Oddboules  3  Crown Inn Snape  1

Adnams Knock Out Plate

Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham  4  Eels Foot II  0

Precision Shooting Final (Alan Sturman Memorial Trophy)

Gold - Darryl Jones (Carlton Crown Wanderers)
Silver - Richard Baker (Kettleburgh)
Bronze - Simon Fletcher (Eels Foot III) & Paddy Rosseau (Parrot & Punchbowl)

League Annual ''Jimmies'' Awards

Friend of the League - Martin Inglis (Eels Foot II)
Player of the Year - Pete Sharkey (Eels Foot II)
Forwarding Petanque - Sheila Fleming (Parrot & Punchbowl)

Sunday, 20 September 2015

2015 Adnams Cup & Adnams Plate Finals - LINE-UP ANNOUNCED

Saturday 26th September
at Parrot & Punchbowl, Aldringham
Both matches start at 2pm

2015 Adnams Cup Final

Stowmarket Oddboules  v  Crown Inn Snape

2015 Adnams Plate Final

Eels Foot II  v  Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham

During the ''interval'', the 8 nominated shooters will take part in the First Round of the 2015 Alan Sturman Precision Shooting Tournament.

All spectators welcome.

2015 Latest Results

League Play-Offs

Finborough Chestnut Horse  3  Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham  2
Crown Inn Snape beat The Exiles Bealings

Cup Semi-Finals

Crown Inn Snape  3  Eels Foot III  1 (played at Dolphin Thorpeness)

Plate Semi-Finals

Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham  4  Carlton Park Saxmundham  0

Sunday, 13 September 2015

2015 League Play-Offs - Quarter-Final Line-Up

2015 League Play-Offs
Quarter-Final Draw


Carlton Colville Crown  v  BT Antares Allstars

The Exiles Bealings  v  Crown Inn Snape

Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  v  Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham

Kettleburgh  v  Rolling Stones Aldeburgh

2015 Play-Off Results from Last 16 Round

Results from the Last 16 round of our 2015 play-offs

Carlton Colville Crown  3  Laxfield Ladies  1
BT Antares All Stars  3  Golden Key Snape  1

Kings Head Stutton  1  The Exiles Bealings  3
Crown Inn Snape  4  Suivre Les Boules Playford  0

Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  3  Bressingham  1
Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham  3  Bramford Cock I  1

Kettleburgh  3  Dolphin Thorpeness  2
Woodbridge Saxons  1  Rolling Stones Aldeburgh  3

Sunday, 6 September 2015

ADVANCE WARNING - 2016 League Trip to Belgium & Holland

To give people as much notice as possible, we have already negotiated our 2016 League European Trip dates with our various hosts as follows;

Friday 29th April - Travel to Middelkerke, Belgium and play PC De Zeemeermin at their new boulodrome in the evening

Saturday 30th April - Travel to Oostduinkerke, Belgium to play PC Koksijde in a melee event

Sunday 1st May - Travel to Middelburg, Holland to play CJB Middelburg and (hopefully) retire to the local Chinese restaurant for our traditional evening meal

Monday 2nd May - Mystery tour/sight-seeing and travel back home

Those having supported previous trips have already been informed of these dates. All are welcome. Costs still to be calculated but the last three years have been £240 per person, including transport, Channel Tunnel fees, 3 nights at hotel and contribution towards gifts for our various hosts.

For more information, please contact the League Co-Ordinator.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

2015 Alan Sturman Memorial Trophy - Precision Shooting

As per email notices sent and posted on this website, entry closed at midnight on Sunday 30th August for nominations to take part in the inaugural Precision Shooting competition, to be held over the two days of our Grand Finals weekend.

Entries had to be have been sent in to the League Co-Ordinator by email by 30th August.

The contestants are as follows;

Bromeswell Boules Club - Mike Rios-Hall
Carlton Colville Crown - Danny Durnian
Carlton Crown Wanderers - Darryl Jones
Eels Foot I - Gary Siggins
Eels Foot II - Martin Inglis
Eels Foot III - Simon Fletcher
Kettleburgh - Richard Baker
Parrot & Punchbowl - Paddy Rosseau

The full Precision Shooting format will be issued to these players during this week, so you'll have nearly a month to get that final practice in!!

2015 Adnams Coastal Petanque League - PLAY-OFF DRAW

With the completion of the league programme earlier today, congratulations are in order to our 8 divisional winners and runners-up, who now progress to our play-off stages.

Following the usual process of seeding teams, the Last-16 draw is as follows;

Carlton Colville Crown  (Seed 1)  v  Laxfield Ladies  (Seed 16)

Finborough Chestnut Horse  (Seed 2)  v  Bressingham  (Seed 15)

Kettleburgh  (Seed 3)  v  Dolphin Thorpeness (Seed 14)

Kings Head Stutton  (Seed 4)  v  The Exiles Bealings  (Seed 13)

Crown Inn Snape  (Seed 5)  v  Suivre Les Boules Playford  (Seed 12)

Woodbridge Saxons  (Seed 6)  v  Rolling Stones Aldeburgh  (Seed 11)

Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham  (Seed 7)  v  Bramford Cock I  (Seed 10)

BT Antares Allstars  (Seed 8)  v  Golden Key Snape  (Seed 9)

All matches MUST be completed by Sunday 13th September.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Last Weekend of League Matches

This Sunday, 30th August, should see the completion of the group league matches for the season.

If you are involved in playing a match, you MUST email your result to both the League Results Officer, Mr Doug Benger, and myself, the League Co-Ordinator, so that we can finalise league tables and work out the seedings for the Play-Off stages.

You need to also text your result (regardless of whether you win, lose or draw) to the following mobile......07980 786819

Please get your results in by 10pm Sunday 30th August.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Who won at Hoo?? - 2015 King Raedwald Cup

Played at the world famous setting of Sutton Hoo, where the widely accepted King Raedwald was interred in a Saxon longboat (around 600AD) within a series of burial mounds discovered around 80 years ago, the National Trust graciously hosted us in our first ever King Raedwald Cup event, as part of their 1930's Garden Party weekend.

The format was to be a team event consisting of 4 players per team, and a total of 8 teams taking part. Every team played a mini-match against all other 7 teams over 2 games, so you either won 2-0, lost 2-0 or drew 1-1. This allowed every player in one team to face every opponent, as everyone got 7 games to play. In each team, over the course of the day, you got to play with every team-mate, so the event tested the strength of the overall team, something that the Saxons themselves would have approved of.

Winning 2-0 was worth 3 points, drawing 1-1 was worth 1 point to both sides, with a bonus point being given if your team had outscored your opponents over the two games. This meant that the maximum number of points your teams could end up with at the end of the event would be 21 (ie 7 victories at 2-0 worth 3 points a time).

Winners - 17points  Eels Foot
Runners Up - 15points  Bromeswell/Bramford
3rd Place - 13points  Railway Framlingham
4th Place - 12points  The TirPointers
5th Place - 11.5points  Bromeswell Boules Club
6th Place - 8.5points  Golden Key Snape
7th Place - 7points  Woodbridge Saxons
8th Place - 0points  Jeff & The White Lion Washboard Orchestra  (however this team won the best dressed as Jeff came in 1930's blazer and straw boater whilst the 3 ladies were excellent flapper girls)

Many thanks to the Sutton Hoo staff who kindly allowed us the use of the facilities and provided the prizes for the top teams and participants.

Aldeburgh Carnival Pairs result

After an absence of several years, the Aldeburgh Carnival Pairs returned to our calendar with a resounding success on Saturday 15th August.

Nineteen pairs entered and after playing 3 qualifying games, the best 8 teams advanced to the knock-out stages. As the tournament advanced the semi-finals saw Rob & Bev Wheeler (Aldeburgh) face John Willis & Jon Swallow (Eels Foot & Moules & Bolues finalists the other week). In the other semi-final it was an all-Bressingham match-up with Dave Smith & Les Shilling going up against Mick Clarke & Liz Rudling.

On completion of the semi-finals, Rob & Bev and Mick & Liz were the finalists, which was to be the only game played to 13 points (all other games were played to 7 ends, rather than timed).

However the strength of the opposing team was too much for the Wheelers to handle and the Bressingham pairing eased to victory to become our 2015 winners.

A great day with all the other Carnival activities going on around us and many spectators and interested persons watching and asking about the sport.

Monday, 10 August 2015

2015 Eels Cup results

The Eels Foot Inn, Eastbridge held its 4th annual Eels Cup tournament yesterday, with 35 pairs taking part in glorious sunshine all day.

After playing 4 qualifying games, spread over 8 pistes, the tournament split into the Cup (top 16) and the Plate (seeds 17 to 32), with the very bottom 3 pairs being eliminated.

Timed games were the order of the day until we reached semi-final stages, when games were played to the full 13 points.

Some intriguing tussles ensued with the following ending results;

Cup Winners - Darryl Jones & Alan Thompson (Carlton Colville Crown)

Cup Finalists - Denise Collins & Steve Coduri (Railway Inn Framlingham)

Plate Winners - Gary & Jo Siggins (Eels Foot)

Plate Finalists - Debbi & Ian Tayler (Parrot & Punchbowl)

Great to see so many league teams represented within the turn-out, long may that trend continue.

A great big thank you to the main organiser, Martin Inglis and thanks also to all the Eels Footers for putting on a great day all round.

Our League Juniors Performances
Whilst Lily Inglis was eliminated in the early stages with her adult partner, Kira Fletcher reached the Last 16 of the Main event before being beaten by Framlingham. Meanwhile Baillie Inglis reached the semi-finals of the Main with his new partner before being knocked out in a close tense match against the eventual winners.

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

2015 Aldeburgh Carnival Pairs - Current Entry

Saturday 15th August @ Jimmy Robinson Pistes, Aldeburgh

The following pairs are entered;

Bromeswell Boules Club - Mike & Inger Allum
Bromeswell Boules Club - Mike & Martha Rios-Hall
Bromeswell Boules Club - Pat Clarke & Carloine Goldsmith
Deben Vikings - Doug & Anne Benger
Eels Foot - Martin Inglis & Pete Sharkey
Eels Foot - John Willis & Jon Swallow
Eels Foot - Gary & Jo Siggins
Eels Foot - Simon & Kira Fletcher
Eels Foot - Lewis Fletcher & Guest
Parrot & Punchbowl - Debbi & Ian Tayler
Parrot & Punchbowl - Mark Adamson & Paddy Rosseau
Railway Framlingham - Denise Collins & Steve Coduri
Railway Framlingham - Joy Lightfoot & John Newson
Rolling Stones Aldeburgh - Phil Richardson & Mark Gonzalez
Rolling Stones Aldeburgh - Tim & Doug
Unattached - Karen Cooley & Carol
Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh - Rob & Bev Wheeler
White Lion Aldeburgh - Jill & Reg Brown
White Lion Aldeburgh - Fiona Foreman & Sally Batten
White Lion/Shottisham - Jeff & Jean Short
Woodbridge Saxons - Roger Capell-Clarke & Anne Jackson

Nearly at the pre-set entry limit of 24 teams.

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Nominations for the 2015 Shooting Championship - Deadline Date

As we need to organise so many things in time for the 2015 Grand Finals Weekend, we are asking for your teams nomination of one shooter to be made VIA EMAIL to me by the 30th August 2015 please.

That player has to be available for the Saturday of the Grand Finals and potentially the Sunday, should they qualify for the final ''shoot-out''.

If you have more than one team, you can enter one shooter per team, ie Bramford Cock have two teams, therefore they can enter two shooters. However, the team each shooter represents must be the team that shooter has played for during the season.

2015 Moules & Boules sees new winners

Last Saturday, 32 pairs competed for the coveted Moules & Boules trophy, kindly sponsored by The White Lion Hotel, Aldeburgh.

Despite the previous nights downpour and just half an hour before the start of the event, a group of around 6 of us sweeping all the water off two of the pistes, the weather held and gradually got better as the day wore on.

Every pair had two qualifying matches to play, drawn randomly, and from that we eliminated half the teams and entered the knock-out stages. Various previous winners made their way through to the Last 16 but fell by the wayside as the tournament progressed to it's climax, seeing Martin Inglis and Pete Sharkey (of Eels Foot II) beating John Willis and Jon Swallow (of Eels Foot III) in the Grand Final, played in front of most of the other players that had stayed on to watch.

The trophy was presented by Julie from The White Lion and in return we handed over a cheque for £320 to the Lions designated charity, the Aldeburgh United Charities.

Also The White Lion have promised their financial support to our Coastal League juniors, Kira, Baillie and Lily, who all took part in the event, with Baillie reaching the Quarter-Finals with his partner, Simon.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Adnams Coastal Precision Shooting Championship 2015

Remember we are running a Shooting Competition over the two days of our Grand Finals weekend at the end of September at the Parrot & Punchbowl, Aldringham.

Each league team (and those that entered the Cup only) are entitled to enter one person as their representative to carry out a set of precision shots on the Saturday, during the Adnams Cup and Adnams Plate Finals.

Depending on the number of entrants, we will determine a golf-like ''cut'' which will see the top shooters invited to return the following day (Sunday) to carry out a further set of shots.

The scores of those players over the two days will be used to determine the 2015 champion and become the first recipient of the ''Alan Sturman Memorial Trophy''.

Please advise the League Co-Ordinator of your nominated shooter as soon as possible.

KIng Raedwald Cup - Tournament Line-Up

The King Raedwald Cup - Sunday 16th August at Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge is a four-player team event and is now fully booked with the following EIGHT teams;

Jeff & The White Lion Washboard Orchestra
Railway Inn Framlingham
The TirPointers
Eels Foot Eastbridge
Woodbridge Saxons
Bromeswell Boules Club I
Golden Key Snape
Bromeswell Boules Club II

The event is part of a 1930's Living History themed weekend at Sutton Hoo, so you can bring along other people but you need to let the League Co-Ordinator know as we have to advise security as to who is attending. There will be an entry fee for non-playing persons as well.

Monday, 29 June 2015

Quarter-Finals for 2015 Adnams Cup and Adnams Plate

Following Sundays results, the Quarter-Finals for the Adnams Cup and Adnams Plate are as follows (first named teams are at home);

Lets Play Boules Playford  v  Carlton Crown Wanderers
Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  v  Stowmarket Oddboules
Crown Inn Snape  v  Bromeswell Boules Club
Rolling Stones Aldeburgh  v  Eels Foot III

Carlton Park Saxmundham  v  Turks Head Hasketon
Sorrel Horse Barham  v  Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham
The Bouligans Shottisham  v  Rumburgh Buck
Eels Foot II  v  Huntingfield Hares

All matches must be completed by Sunday 16th August

Thursday, 25 June 2015

King Raedwald Cup - Sunday 16th August 2015

Following a very fruitful meeting with the National Trust earlier this afternoon, we can confirm that the King Raedwald Cup will take place on Sunday August 16th as part of Sutton Hoos 1930's Living History Weekend.

Our event will take place in the main courtyard near to the Visitors Centre and will be a TEAM EVENT with teams of 4 players (ONLY) being invited to take part. You can play as part of your normal league team or you can join forces with other players to form a foursome.

The day will commence at 11am and finish around 4pm, with yourselves being able to take part in other activities on the site if you so wish ie guided tours, Visitors Centre, other attractions and events.

The number of teams that can enter this event will be limited and although we cannot confirm the cost per player yet, you need to register your initial interest with the League Co-Ordinator as soon as possible, as we already have 5 teams indicating their interest to take part.

Aldeburgh Carnival Pairs Tournament - Saturday 15th August

To date, we have 11 registered pairs, with 3 other pairs registering interest but yet to pay entry fees.

The competition is on Saturday 15th August and is £10 per pair to enter, with your registration fees to be sent to the League Co-Ordinator as soon as possible as there will be an entry limit to this event

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

All Adnams Cup 2nd Round and Adnams Plate 1st Round Matches - Completion MUST be by Sunday 28th June

All the following matches are due to be completed by Sunday 28th June, in accordance with the Leagues Fixture List issued in February.

Adnams Cup 2nd Round

Lets Play Boules Playford  v  Christchurch Park
Carlton Crown Wanderers  v  Framsden Dobermann
Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse  v  Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh
Bromeswell Boules Club  v  BT Antares Allstars

Adnams Plate 1st Round

Carlton Park Saxmundham  v  Eels Foot I
Sorrel Horse Barham  v  Aldeburgh Boules
Bressingham  v  Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham
The Bouligans Shottisham  v  Kings Head Stutton
Rumburgh Buck  v  The Exiles Bealings
Golden Key Snape  v  Eels Foot II

Make Cheques Payable To .......

Can you all remember that when entering competitions and events DIRECTLY organised by the League Co-Ordinator on behalf of the league, that you make registration cheques payable to ''Suffolk Coastal Petanque Alliance'' and not the League Co-Ordinator himself.

Have recently had some cheques rejected by the League's Bank as they were made out incorrectly.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Upcoming Events in 2015

For all the events listed below, please email the League Co-Ordinator for more details, including entry criteria, entry fees, registration deadline etc;

Saturday 25th July - Moules & Boules Pairs, Aldeburgh

Saturday 15th August - Aldeburgh Carnival Pairs

Sunday 16th August - King Raedwald Cup (team event of 4 players per team)

Saturday 26th September - Precision Shooting competition at Grand Finals weekend - Qualifying Round

Sunday 27th September - Precision Shooting competition - Final round

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Results from our 4th annual European Trip - Monday 1st May to 4th May 2015

An eventful League trip to Belgium and Holland over the weekend, saw our League up against strong opposition every day versus our respective hosts.

A mixture of matches outdoors and indoors on a variety of surfaces tested the abilities of our group and highlighted where areas of continual improvement is required.

Formal invitations were given to each host club for them to hopefully visit us in the 2016 season and indications are very good that one, if not two teams will actually be in our area next year. Equally we were invited back to play our Belgian and Dutch friends on our own 2016 trip.

Friday 1st May
La Petanque Montoise (Mons, Belgium)  23 wins    Adnams Coastal Petanque League  4 wins
(First two rounds outside, final round inside)

Saturday 2nd May
PC Koksijde (Belgium)  27 wins    Adnams Coastal Petanque League  27 wins
(All 3 Melee rounds inside bouledrome)

Sunday 3rd May
CJB Middelburg (Holland)  29 wins    Adnams Coastal Petanque League  7 wins
(4 rounds, most teams played at least one game inside bouledrome)

Players of the Weekend
1st  John Pipe    5 wins from 10  (+4 shots difference)
2nd  Simon Fletcher    5 from 10  (-7 shots difference)
3rd  Lewis Fletcher    5 from 10  (-9 shots difference)

John Pipe wins Player of the Weekend again (previously won 2013's award). All 3 top players were the only players to win at least one game at each of the three venues.

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Adnams Knock-Out Cup 1st Round completion

As per the Fixture List issued to every captain at the start of the season, for all of you who entered the Adnams Cup, your 1st Round fixture needs to be completed by Sunday 26th April.

If you have already made contact with the League Co-Ordinator then please ignore this reminder, but for those who haven't, can you please advise us as soon as possible as to what date your match is arranged for.

Shortly the knock-out ''tree'' for the Plate will appear on the website, with all 1st Round Cup Losers dropping back into this competition, all in the same order as the original cup draw, so for instance the loser of the Christchurch v Eels Foot match will play the loser of the Carlton Park v Lets Play Boules Playford match and so on.

Goodbye and Hello

Some of you may already have been aware or may have noticed the league tables looking slightly different but The Bell Walberswick have decided to withdraw from the league, and therefore their division is now adjusted to a four-team group.

In the meantime, the Hollesley Shepherd & Dog team have now moved to a newly-built piste at the Shottisham Sorrel Horse and will now be known as The Bouligans Shottisham. After playing on the Hollesley car park since the start of the league (with Hollesley being one of the Original 9 founding members), it will be great for them to finally play on a purpose-made playing area.

We wish both teams all the best for the future and especially hope to see The Bell return perhaps next season.

Aldeburgh Carnival Pairs - Saturday 15th August 2015

After the absence of several years, petanque makes a welcome return to this years Aldeburgh Maritime Regatta and Carnival programme, with the tournament being held at the Jimmy Robinson pistes (opposite the White Lion Hotel).

The event is due to be held on Saturday 15th August, from 12 noon onwards, and entries are now being taken at a cost of £10 per pair.

There will be several qualifying games for all teams involved and then a ''cut'' made with a certain number of teams qualifying for the knock-out stages. (These numbers will be subject to entries received).

There will be prizes awarded at the end of proceeding and with nearby beer tents and other Carnival activities, it promises to be a great day.

Entry to this event is via the League Co-Ordinator only and will be on a first come, first served basis.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Want to play for Suffolk County?

Do you think you have the skills and are ready to pit your wits against our regional cousins, Norfolk?

Well, this year we have two matches versus our northern counterparts lined up, the first being at Drayton in May and the return fixture in October at British Sugar Sports & Social Club, Bury St Edmunds.

The County team consists of 8 triples teams, ie 24 players and whilst it is easier if you can enter as a triple, if you are a single person or a pair, our Selection team can match you up with adequately suitable playing partners accordingly.

Similarly, as the EPA allows triples to enter with a fourth player, if it is easier to name four players in your team, then please also feel free to do so.

So, if you think you have the ability and confidence to step up to the next level, please let the League Co-Ordinator know before the 28th April, so that you can be considered for selection. Putting your names forward is no guarantee that you will be selected.

If the matches are over-subscribed, especially the October home match, we may need to hold a County Team Qualifier event to base our selection decisions upon.

Petanque returns to the Aldeburgh Carnival

Yes, 2015 sees the long awaited return of petanque to the Aldeburgh Carnival festivities.

To be held on Saturday 15th August, starting from 12 noon, this Pairs tournament will be the biggest ever held at the Aldeburgh Carnival, so get yourselves registered as soon as possible.

Registration Fee is £10 per pair and every pair will have two or three short qualifying games with the best teams progressing through to the knock-out stages.

There will be cash prizes for successful teams and a few surprises along the way, complete with all the other usual Carnival activities going on around us.

So, to enter, please contact the League Co-Ordinator.

As with most of our tournaments, there is a maximum limit to the number of teams we can accommodate, so entry will operate on a first come, first served basis.

Friday, 27 March 2015

Matches from March 8th - SIX WEEK RULE

The following matches, that were scheduled to be played on Sunday March 8th, have until Sunday 19th April to be completed by (under the Leagues six week rule).

After that, if the match is unplayed, the match result will be declared void and both sides will be recorded as a 0-0 result but without any league points being awarded.

Hollesley Shepherd & Dog  v  The Exiles Bealings

Bell Inn Walberswick  v  Carlton Colville Crown

Laxfield A  v  Laxfield Ladies

Cretingham Bell  v  Framsden Dobermann

Saturday, 7 March 2015

Good Luck To Everyone as 2015 Kicks-Off

This weekend is the official start of our 2015 season, so good luck to everyone taking part, play well, respect your opponents and above all enjoy yourselves.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

2015 League Trip to Belgium & Holland

This year we have a total of 18 players representing the League on our annual trip to Belgium & Holland. Whilst we had been trying to secure a match against French opposition as well, it hasn't quite worked out like that but we are playing at a French-speaking Belgian club on the Friday evening.

Our itinerary is as follows;

Friday 1st May v La Petanque Montoise (Mons, Belgium)

Saturday 2nd May v PC Koksijde (Oostduinkerke, Belgium)

Suinday 3rd May v CJB Middelburg (Middelburg, Holland)

Monday 4th May - Simons Mystery Trip

2015 Fixture List, Captains Handbook and Team Directory

Earlier this evening (Sunday 22nd February) the 2015 Fixture List, Captains Handbook and Team Directory was issued to each of the 43 team captains involved in this years activities.

At this point in time, only the Captains have been issued with these documents and they have been asked to pass on to their team-mates the relevant information.

Should you feel that you also require this info, please contact the League Co-Ordinator

Venues of Grand Finals for next 2 years agreed at Captains Meeting

At the 2015 Captains Meeting, it was decided to hold the Grand Finals at the following venues for this year and the 2016 seasons.

Saturday 26th September and Sunday 27th September @ The Parrot & Punchbowl, Aldringham

Will be held @ The Eels Foot Inn, Eastbridge

Saturday, 14 February 2015

2015 League Fixture Lists

There has been a slight delay in the issuing of the 2015 Fixture Lists, due to work commitments, but hope to be issued within the next few days.

Thank you for your patience.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Come Here....There's More

Latest registrations received from;

Sorrel Horse Barham
Suivre Les Boules Playford

We have also received a Knock-Out Cup entry from Stowmarket Oddboules, meaning that all 32 places have been taken in the Adnams Cup.

However there is still time to register your team. Closing date is Thursday 5th February, so please contact the League urgently if you want to enter.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

The Return of The Turks Head, Hasketon

Thanks to sterling efforts by Sarah & Nigel Butters, the new owners of the Turks Head in Hasketon are re-introducing petanque to the pub. With some of the players from the old Turks Head team, they will continue developing interest over this year, with the hope of entering the league fully in 2016.

In the meantime they have taken ''associate membership'' which means they will compete in the Knock-Out Cup (and Plate depending on results) only for this season, thus taking another of the Cup places available.

Welcome back.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Four more register for 2015

2015 Registrations received this week from;

Christchurch Park Ipswich
Bell Inn Walberswick
Wheatsheaf Tattingstone Stooks

There are now just THREE places left in the voluntary Knock-Out Cup, so if you want a place you need to act fast!!

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Latest 2015 Registration Update

As at Sunday 25th January, we have 35 teams registered for the new season and 26 teams entering the voluntary Knock-Out Cup, along with one team entering the Cup only.

That means there are only 5 Cup places left for all those teams that have yet to register for the League.

2015 Captains Meeting - Friday 6th February

This years Captains Meeting will be held on Friday 6th February at The Chequers Public House, Kettleburgh, with an 8pm start.

The venue has altered this year as it was felt that those that don't normally attend, when it has been previously held at Huntingfield, may attend if the venue was moved to alternative locations. This isn't a reflection on Huntingfield, as they have kindly hosted us for the last few seasons.

The meeting is NOT designed to be an AGM, instead it is an info-sharing meeting, coupled with the allocation of teams to divisions and the First Round Knock-Out Cup draw. We also hand out a list of proposed dates for our various competitions scheduled for the year, as well as details regarding our annual Belgium/Holland trip.

We do not require teams to arrive en masse, instead we ask that one team representative attends (usually the captain or vice-captain). If however you do come as a couple, if there is any voting on matters required, your team will only have one vote.

It is therefore asked that if your team does not attend, that you fully accept whatever decisions are made by the attendees on the evening, as they are intended to be made in the best interests of the league. (As it is not an AGM, the rules of quorum do not apply).

If you intend to enter a team for the 2015 season, we MUST have received your registration form and fees by THURSDAY 5TH FEBRUARY, one day before the meeting.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Goodbyes, Transfers and Hellos

Every year there is always an element of players moving clubs, leaving teams and new teams being created before the start of a new season.

Whilst we are sure that there are several ''movements'' that we are currently unaware of, the notable ones are as follows;

Simon & Lewis Fletcher leave Aldeburgh Boules after nearly 9 years association with that team, however they will appear in this years league with their new team along with some familiar faces and new players to the league

Dave & Julie Mark depart Lets Play Boules Playford and join Crown Inn Snape

We also take the opportunity to welcome our new teams to the 2015 season;
  • Rolling Stones Aldeburgh
  • The Exiles Bealings
  • Carlton Crown Wanderers (the Crowns new team)

Friday, 23 January 2015

And Then There Was 35......

With less than 2 weeks left for teams to register for the 2015 Adnams Coastal Petanque League season, we welcome five more teams registrations as follows:

Bressingham Flyers
Railway Inn Framlingham
Cretingham Bell
Laxfield Ladies
Laxfield A

This now makes 35 confirmed for this year and 26 of these have opted to compete in the Knock-Out Cup competition.

With a further 12 to 14 teams expected to still register, there are only 6 places left in the Cup, so you need to get your entries in asap if you want to take up the Cup option.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Downloadable 2015 Registration Form

If you require a Registration Form for the 2015 season, look to our menu on the right hand side and find the ''League Tables Link''.

Follow the navigation through to the downloadable form, print off and complete the form, returning it along with your fees to the address shown on the bottom of the form.

Friday, 16 January 2015

More Teams sign up for 2015

This week we've officially received the following additional League Registrations for our 2015 season;

Framsden Dobermann
Carlton Colville Crown (separate team to the Wanderers who have already registered)
Aldeburgh Rolling Stones

So that's 30 teams registered so far with 24 taking up the Cup option.

Sunday, 11 January 2015

2015 Close of Registration

Please note that all Registrations for our 2015 Season need to have been received by the League Co-Ordinator by Thursday 5th February, in time for the Captains Meeting due to be held on Friday 6th February, at a venue yet to be announced.

2014 Grand Finals Photo Link

If you are interested, Michael & Inger Allum from the Bromeswell Boules Club have put all their photos, taken at our 2014 Grand Finals, onto Michael's Facebook page.

Follow the link and then go into the Photo Album area, where you'll find around 70 photos of our End of Season finale.