Sunday, 27 July 2014

Outstanding League Matches to be completed by Sunday 31st August

With just 6 Sundays left until the completion of our 2014 league programme, the following matches remain outstanding from before the completion of this weekends matches (Sunday July 27th).

Therefore can you please advise the League Co-Ordinator (Simon Fletcher) or the Results Officer (Doug Benger) of either the result or the date of the re-arranged match.

Remember that any match not played by Sunday 31st August will be declared void and neither side are awarded any points but it will count as a match played in that particular column on the league tables (thus it will affect/penalise those teams that make it through to the play-offs who haven't completed their full quota of league matches).

Broadside Division
Deben Vikings  v  Suivre Les Boules Playford
Lets Play Boules Playford  v  Bramford Cock'N'Boules II

Gunhill Division
The Dicky I  v  Wheatsheaf Tattingstone Stooks

Mosaic Division
Laxfield A  v  Carlton Crown
Carlton Crown  v  Bell Inn Walberswick
Bell Inn Walberswick  v  Carlton Crown
Laxfield Ladies  v  Laxfield A

Spindrift Division
Kings Head Stutton  v  Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse
Sorrel Horse Barham  v  Kings Head Stutton
Bramford Cock'N'Boules I  v  Gt Finborough Chestnut Horse
Christchurch Park Boules Club  v  Kings Head Stutton

Tally Ho Division
Brandeston  v  Framsden Dobermann

Saturday, 26 July 2014

New winners of the Moules & Boules trophy

The biggest ever turnout saw the 4th annual Moules & Boules event end with new winners names on the coveted trophy.

26 teams fought through a series of qualifying matches and then the knock-out stages consisting of the best 16 teams.

The Grand Final saw Mark Adamson & Paddy Rosseau (Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham) see off the threat of Martin Inglis & Pete Sharkey (Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge) by a scoreline of 13-2, watched by nearly all the others days competitors and many bystanders, taking advantage of the fantastic weather by the seaside at Aldeburgh.

Top 8 Positions
Winners - Adamson & Rosseau (Parrot & Punchbowl Aldringham)
Runners-Up - Inglis & Sharkey (Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge)
3rd Place - Steve Barker & Colette Heerey (Dolphin Thorpeness)  3 wins from 5 +3 (Scored 41)
4th Place - John Willis & Lily Inglis (Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge)  3 wins from 5 +3 (Scored 33)
5th Place - Alan Wilmot & Richard Samson (Cakes & Ale A) 3 wins from 4 +5
6th Place- Lewis & Donna Fletcher (Mill Inn Aldeburgh) 3 wins from 4 +2
7th Place - Jeff & Jean Short (White Lion Aldeburgh/Hollesley) 2 wins from 4 -2
8th Place - Amy Whitelock & Bailey Inglis (Eels Foot Inn Eatbridge)  2 wins from 4 -11

Congratulations to everyone that took part and raised £260 for the White Lions chosen charity, the Aldeburgh United Charities Trust

Saturday, 19 July 2014

England suprema at the Marina!!!

Thursday 17th July 2014 - Shotley Marina

The North Sea Petanque Challenge Match this year saw the KYCN Nieuwpoort club from Belgium arrive at the Shotley Marina, to take on our league team, consisting of 10 pairs in the annual challenge.

Over a total of 4 rounds of games, England won by 8 games to 2, thus retaining the North Sea title for another year and ready defend it again next year, once dates can be arranged back in Belgium. (Each English pair was guaranteed one game against a Belgian pair and then two against fellow English pairs. Only the games that were England v Belgium counted towards the match result)

An after-match buffet was held and all 18 Belgian club members attended, along with 21 Coastal players. Gifts were handed out to all participating players and their club ''captain'' also received one of our special commemorative coins. The best team from each country also received a prize for their efforts.

For the record, our team recorded the following results;

England 1 - Lewis Fletcher (Mill Inn Aldeburgh) & Ginny Jones (Carlton Crown)  3 wins from 3 with +20 shots difference
England 2 - John Pipe (Wheatsheaf Tattingstone) & Ray Booth (Golden Key Snape)  3 wins + 15
England 3 - Martin & Wendy Cooper (Eels Foot Inn Eastbridge)  3 wins +9
England 5 - Mike & Martha Rios-Hall (Bromeswell Boules Club)  2 wins +9 (Points for 24)
England 10 - Ian Bullock (LPB Playford) & Phil Curtis (Christchurch Park)  2 wins +9 (Points for 21)
England 4 - Darryl Jones & Pete Martin (Carlton Crown)  2 wins +3
England 8 - Jeff Short (White Lion Aldeburgh) & Jean Short (Hollesley Shepherd & Dog)  1 win +2
England 9 - Mike & Inger Allum (Bromeswell Boules Club)  1 win -6
England 7 - Pete Sharkey & Gary Siggins (Eels Foot Inn)  1 win -9
England 6 - Bev Wheeler & Nick Ratcliff (Wentworth Hotel Aldeburgh)  0 wins -25

Many thanks to John Pipe, all at Shotley Marina and The Shipwreck Inn for their efforts and hospitality.