Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Thursday 31st January - Last Day to Enter

This is the last reminder to get your Application Forms and Fees in for the 2013 Adnams Coastal Petanque League, with all applications needing to have been received by midnight Thursday 31st January.

If you are posting, your envelope needs to be postmarked with the date of 31st January on it. Any entries after this date WILL NOT be accepted.

Currently we have 46 team applications, with 3 more already in the post/en-route.

All teams who have their applications rejected, will receive their refund cheques during the course of next week.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Associate Membership of the League

There is the opportunity for teams that don't want to take part in the League programme but would like to enter our Knock-Out Cup competition only, that we are offering Associate Membership, at a cost of £5 per team.

For this you will still receive the full Captains Directory for 2013, all the e-mailed newsletters, league tables, invites to Coastal League events and at least 2 competitive matches (see other article regarding 2013 KO Cup for further details on this).

The Captains Directory will give teams who take on Associate Membership, all the contact details of other Coastal teams, allowing them to arrange friendly matches etc to suit their playing wants and availability.

As with 2013 League entries, Associate Membership is only available until 31/1/13.

If you need more details on Associate Membership, please e-mail the League Co-Ordinator.

2013 Knock Out Cup PLUS....

Many of the teams who have already applied to enter our 2013 season have indicated that they would like to take part in the Knock Out Cup competition, which will run alongside the main league programme.

The Knock Out Cup gives teams the potential opportunity to play other teams that they wouldn't normally face during a normal league season and also will help teams prepare themselves should they get to the League Play-Offs, as they will have then experienced ''sudden death'' matches, as there can be no drawn matches in the Cup, exactly like the Play-Offs themselves.

(Please note that as the Cup draw is completely random, you could yet be drawn against a team from your own division, we cannot guarantee otherwise).

As we have 27 teams already proffering their willingness to compete, we will also run a Plate competition as well, whereby all the First Round losers in the Cup, will get a second bite of the cherry by then being placed into a knock-out Plate with all the other First Round losers.

This should mean (excluding any teams that could get awarded a bye due to numbers), that all teams should get a minimum of two knock-out matches, ie 1 Cup then 1 Plate or 2 Cup (if you win your First Round match).

2013 League - Entry Deadline

Applications to enter the 2013 Adnams Coastal Petanque League must be received by the League Co-Ordinator by Thursday 31st January at the very latest.

The current cost to register a team is £20 for the entire season and you have the option to decide whether to enter our Knock Out Cup competition at no extra cost.