Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Who will be the leagues' best runner-up?

As you should already know, the fourth place in the play-offs will be awarded to the team who is the best divisional runner-up, based upon how many league points they accumulate divided by how many matches they played in their group. (This is because one group will only play 8 matches whilst two divisions teams play 10 matches).

Current Contenders

Blyth - Three Horseshoes North Cove....13 points from 9 matches
Blyth - Harbour Inn Southwold....11 points from 9 matches
Orwell - Hollesley Shepherd & Dog....14 points from 10 matches
Deben - Suivre Les Boules Playford....11 points from 8 matches
Deben - The Exiles Bealings....8 points from 7 matches

(Aldeburgh Boules Club cannot be runners-up in their group regardless of their final match result).

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