Sunday, 13 September 2009

Final Play-Off place determined

With three divisional winners now decided, the remaining play-off place is awarded to the best divisional runner-up from the three divisions.

As one divisions teams played a different amount of matches, the formula applied will be the total league points secured divided by how many league matches that team played. (This gives the points per match ratio with the highest ratio therefore being the best record).

Divisional Runners-Up
BLYTH - Three Horseshoes North Cove 14 points from 10 matches = 1.4 pts per match
ORWELL - Hollesley Shepherd & Dog 14 points from 10 matches = 1.4 pts per match
DEBEN - Suivre Les Boules Playford 11 points from 8 matches = 1.375 pts per match

From this we can see that North Cove and Hollesley need to be seperated by the next best differentiator, ie games difference (the amount of games a team won minus the amount of games a team lost, the highest + difference the better)

Games Difference
Three Horseshoes North Cove - Games For 26 Games Against 14 = Games Difference +12
Hollesley Shepherd & Dog - Games For 21 Games Against 15 = Games Difference +6

Therefore the fourth play-off spot is awarded to Three Horseshoes North Cove

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