Saturday, 2 January 2016

First Event of 2016 - Aldeburgh are Unofficial World Champions believe it or not!!!!

Fifteen triples battled out the ''Boules Rimet Trophy'' at the Parrot & Punchbowl earlier today, ushering in the new 2016 season with a friendly natured and well contested tournament, run by Jeff Short of the White Lion Aldeburgh.

Triples had to nominate a country they were representing and the event saw Japan, Honduras, Colombia, Canada, Faroe Islands, Estonia, Tuvalu, Central African Republic, Ghana, Barbados, Ireland amongst others take part.

It was a straight knockout competition but each triple had nine boules each. The first round was played to seven points, quarter-finals to 9, semi-finals to 11 and the World Final played to 13 points.

Despite the iffy weather and a short opening ceremony, the competition got underway. The match between Japan and Estonia was completed in four ends and following a 7-1 defeat, one of the Japanese players was immediately transferred to Barbados to make up the third player in their team.

The semi-finals saw Jamaica defeat New Zealand whilst over on the other piste Turkmenistan lost heavily to the newly proclaimed independent state of the  ''Peoples Republic of Aldeburgh Town'', consisting of Bev & Rob Wheeler and Jeff Short.

A long final saw PRAT go to a 6-0 lead, only for Jamaica to peg things back to 6-6, then gradullay Jamaica pulled into a 12-8 lead but some needed good pointing saw Aldeburgh come from behind and win the final 13-12.

The Boules Rimet Trophy was handed over with Bev subsequently doing a random lap of honour around the beer garden, whilst being doused in champagne by the Jamaican trio (the Rolling Stones team from Aldeburgh in disguise).

A good fun way to kick-off 2016. Thanks to Jeff for organising and Sheila and staff at the Parrot for being such good hosts as always.

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