Friday, 29 May 2009

Re-Arranged Matches

Now that we seem to be coming into the slightly better weather, I am aware that a few previously postponed matches have yet to be re-arranged (or if they have I haven't been notified!) and am suggesting that these get played sooner rather than later, as we don't want a bottleneck of matches at the end of the season.


Mike said...

Hi Simon
As you are in the process of putting together a set of rules, we think that a rule that postponed matches have to be played before the next match date should be applied. The team that cannot make any alternative dates should forfeit a 1-3 loss. If both teams cannot replay then both post a loss with only one game each. With three weeks and two weekends between most matches that would hardly be harsh?

SimonPetanque68 said...


In a league whereby most teams only need to fit 8 to 10 matches in within a 22 week 'window', I don't think that having a forfeited match rule would be of any use.

Sometimes teams only have 2 weeks between matches, therefore if they are a family team they might be on a fortnights holiday and therefore cant play either week before their next scheduled match.

As Co-Ordinator I devised the Captains Handbook so that each captain has plenty of time and scope to re-arrange matches especially as we issued fixture lists 3 weeks before the league actually started.